With so many food options, a Baruch student may find it difficult to choose where to eat for lunch or dinner. There are Spanish, Italian, Chinese, and Japanese cuisines all within the immediate vicinity and even a Korean food cart by the plaza. But the halal carts by Baruch offer a superabundance of food for a relatively cheaper price while providing a different taste to the students that can only be found in New York City.

We have many halal carts with different recipes and deals, but you never know what's going to be put in the platters or what the price is without going the carts in person. Here are the four best surrounding carts in definitive ranking of the best deals.

#4: Rafiqi's

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Rafiqi's is a chain with carts all around Manhattan. The one by Baruch is on Park Ave between 23rd and 24th Street. Their chicken or lamb platters are $5.25 while a combo is $5.75.

What they do differently is include corn, olives, and chickpeas into their halal. Also, upon request, you can get a spicy green cilantro sauce and cooked onions. 

#3: Habibi's

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Habibi's is popular among Baruch students for two reasons: their lunch special and their FRIES. The lunch special is a chicken platter plus a free soda for $5, while at any other time the chicken or lamb is $5 and the combo is $6. The halal here includes fries among its ingredients, something unique to this cart.

There is also the choice of spicy or regular rice, something to definitely try out if you like a little heat.  

#2: The Halal Guys Store

The world renowned Halal Guys has a store on 14th Street between 2nd and 1st Avenue with seating available. The platters are more expensive here with the small platter priced at $6.99 and the regular sized at $7.99, not including tax. The regular size, however, includes more meat compared to other halal carts' platters.

Like the original cart, the store has bottles of white, hot (which is relatively hotter compared to other carts), barbeque sauce, and even ketchup available for customers to apply themselves. They also sell pita and baklava, the latter of which is an uncommon sight in a halal restaurant. 

#1: Farook's

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Farook's, in my opinion, is the greatest return on investment on halal in NYC. With every dish priced at $5 with a free drink, it is already cheaper than every other option on this list. Included in the platters are chunks of curry potatoes and fried pita bread, as well as the green cilantro sauce. 

Overall, the halal choices by Baruch are all different, with a variety of ingredients and tastes. Even if you aren't a halal fan, be sure to sample some of these dishes. I guarantee you won't regret it.