It’s 2 pm on a Sunday and you still haven’t gotten out of bed, except to sprint to the water fountain before diving back to your nest of mascara-smudged pillows. As you pluck the sad pieces of queso-covered, soggy tortilla chips out of your tangled hair, you deeply, deeply regret your 3 am Qdoba run.

You need something to eat, but you feel so horrible about the 1,000+ empty calories you ate and drank away last night that you would rather just nestle into your blankets and pretend you’re not hungry.

You need to visit the King. No, not Burger King… the other one: Smoothie King.

Smoothie King franchises are located all over Nashville, but more importantly, there are 3 locations within .5 miles of Vanderbilt’s campus (one of which is IN the rec and takes the Commodore Card). You have no excuse not to trudge over there in a t-shirt and yoga pants to order a delicious, nutritious, smoothie.

However, not all Smoothie King smoothies are created equally. It’s probably a little counterproductive to order the humongous 40-oz. “Hulk” protein-filled body builder drink, which rings in at a whopping 1,642 calories, so be reasonable. Stick to the 20-oz. size (it’s just enough to fill you up) and choose from the “Slim n’ Trim” or “Lite” options to minimize calories.

My personal favorites include the Island Impact with strawberries (311 cals) and Caribbean Way (295 cals without the added sugar). They are both amazing.

So stop feeling sorry for yourself, get out of bed and get yourself to the King. You don’t even have to put in the effort to chew!
Smoothie King 1