Looking to enjoy the nice weather outside? Getting stressed about finals? Take a break and celebrate the end of the school year with a nice picnic outside. With these combinations, you will surely have the perfect Penn-picnic you were looking for.

Throwback to Freshman Year Picnic: Quad + Lyn’s

Photo by Emily Diaz

Remember when you didn’t know what OCR stood for? Or when your biggest stress was finding something you liked to eat at a dining hall? Relive those glory days and bring a blanket to the middle of the Quad with the quintessential freshman meal – Lyn’s. Munch on a classic egg-white, spinach and cheese wrap while you reminisce on your freshman year. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, try an eggplant pita parm, but make sure you get it with hot sauce. If you’re really feeling sentimental, take a siesta when you get the Lyn’s “sleepies” and try to pretend you’re avoiding doing Writing Sem work.

Adventurous Picnic: Schuylkill Banks + Pure Fare

Photo by Sarah Pilger

Are you the adventurous type? Get off campus and take a walk over the bridge. Pick up a fresh and nutritious meal from Pure Fare and head over to the Schuylkill Banks. Watching hoards of runners and bikers pass by will make you feel healthy as you sip on one of Pure Fare’s refreshing smoothies and snack on their sweet, savory plantain chips. If you can’t make it all the way to Center City, pick up a Pure Fare treat from Houston Market or Joe’s Café and bring your picnic on campus.

The Whartonite Picnic: Koo Plaza + Herban Quality Eats

Photo by Michelle Ra

If you’re looking to get inspired and feel the entrepreneurial spirit, opt to find a spot in Koo Plaza, located on the second floor of Huntsman Hall off of Plaza Café. Bring a meal from Herban Quality Eats, a new restaurant founded by Wharton MBAs from the Class of 2013. Not only will you feel great after eating their fluffy sweet potato mash and their hearty Veggie Jawn, you might stumble upon some Wharton freshmen stressing out about MGMT 100, or MBAs discussing their latest projects. Embrace the work-hard-play-hard mentality at Penn as you watch the stress build in Huntsman while enjoying a relaxing lunch outside.

Wish-It-Were-Summer Picnic: Penn Park + Shake Shack

Photo by Michelle Ra

Nothing says summer quite like a milkshake and a burger. Combine those with a beautiful park near the Schuylkill and you’ll forget all about your finals stresses. Shake Shack, just blocks away from Penn Park will remind you that the end of the semester is near. Their “Study Buddy” flavored custard concrete, complete with chocolate custard and coffee beans from Joe Coffee, might make you believe you’re actually working. You might even get lucky and get to watch a baseball or soccer game – the perfect start to the summer season.

Hey Day Picnic: High Rise Field + Enjay’s Pizza

Photo by Sarah Pilger

If you want to live the true Penn upperclassman life, grab Enjay’s Pizza from Smokey Joe’s and enjoy it on High Rise Field. Forget about the fact that the bouncers wouldn’t let you in the other night. The mushroom and onion pizza, along with a bright sunny day, will surely make up for it. This quintessential Penn meal will make you never want to graduate.