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The motto definitely is true: game days are the best days. You get to wear the best outfits, dance on elevated surfaces with all of your friends to your favorite pump-up songs, you get to cheer on your team loud and proud (if you make it to the game), and you get to eat your weight in food. What could be better? The answer is: nothing.

Madison, home of the Badgers, is also the home to some of the most amazing food places. When you’re starving after a long day or just drunk and ready to eat anything that crosses your path, these are the most-visited and well-liked food places Badgers run to for game day noms.

Ian’s Pizza

game day

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Truth be told, when is it not the time for pizza? But, game day especially calls for four to five slices of Mac n’ Cheese pizza from the infamous Ian’s. Nothing screams game day louder than this restaurant. Don’t be discouraged when the line is out the door, wait it out because it is SO worth it.


game day

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While you’re walking from Langdon all the way to Camp Randall, how could you not stop at Wendy’s on the way? Its location is perfect and so convenient when your stomach is ready to eat itself.

Three servings of fries will definitely fill your carb craving, and while you’re at it, go right ahead and shove your face with a big, fat, and juicy hamburger. Don’t forget to top it all off with the classic Frosty.

Gordon’s Waffles

game day

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You’re never too old to re-visit the freshman days of eating Gordon’s, especially on game day. The best and only way to start out a game day is with a signature Gordon’s waffle. It even has a W on it.

Load that bad boy up with all the toppings you can. Strawberries, chocolate chips, whipped cream, raspberry jam, you name it. Down that waffle with maple syrup. Don’t be ashamed to go for another too, one is never enough.


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The real question is, who doesn’t want Mexican food on game day? Save up those free chips and guac coupons on your Red Card and go wild. Yes, we all love guac, but who says you can’t have queso too? You have to go all out on this special Saturday.

Enough about the side orders, the burrito you create should not resemble anything less than a small child. Pack that bad boy with all the beans, rice, salsa, sour cream, chicken, and corn you can.

Cheese Curds

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It doesn’t matter where you get them but it is absolutely 100% a game day necessity to eat cheese curds. Do you even go to school at Madison if you don’t eat cheese curds? Nope.

You can get them at Brats, Roast, and even Gordon’s. There is no excuse to not have them when practically every restaurant on State has them on the menu. Besides, you know that having fried cheese on a day like game day will never disappoint your stomach.

Soft Pretzels

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The amount of times I have been standing in the student section and someone walks by and I catch a whiff of a warm, soft pretzel are too many to count. I practically pass out because the scent is too overwhelming. Nothing could appeal more to me in that moment.

If you crave carbs on game days, there is no way you aren’t eating a pretzel. Be that person in the student section who makes everyone hungry and inspires everyone to follow in their footsteps to sprint to the concession stand.

 Breakfast Sammie from Tags

game day

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You must gear up for the festivities of game day with a fat breakfast sandwich. You have all the food groups: protein, dairy, and even those healthy fats. Stack all that meaty bacon on it and load on the cheese. Maybe even add avocado if you’re feeling it.

Tags might be a major hole in the wall and you might forget about it while walking down Langdon, but its breakfast sandwiches never fall short of perfect.

Food is the essential to have the proper and perfect game day. Badgers, fill up those tummies and rally.