Meet the Owners of Greystone Cafe!

Mother-daughter duo Patty and Jacqueline loved visiting the 20-year old bakery-cafe located in South End, on the corner of Dartmouth and Appleton Street. With their combined love of aesthetic cafes and the South End neighborhood, Patty and Jacqueline decided to purchase the space, opening Greystone Cafe, Bakery, and Provisions in September of 2020. 

Allison Wong

The duo planned for their new business launch in 2019, with Jacqueline traveling to Australia to gain more experience and knowledge within the cafe and coffee culture. From there, Jacqueline found their coffee supplier, Proud Mary.

However, once the COVID-19 pandemic hit, their plans got delayed, leading to the opening of the cafe near the end of last year. Despite their initial obstacles, Greystone's location and design have been essential for their success. With their signature walk-up window, and patio with outdoor seating, this cafe has become a popular spot in the South End neighborhood, as well as in the Greater Boston area.

Allison Wong

Bakery, Cafe, and Provisions!

When we visited Greystone, we were AMAZED by their delicious food (made in house) and tasty drinks! At their walk up window (and inside when they are fully open), you can order anything from their Black Tulip drink (Double Espresso AND Mint!), to their signature 'Cheddar Bomb' breakfast sandwich (which includes their amazing cheddar biscuits!). 

For baked goods, we tried Mom's Apple Cake (Allison's Pick and Patty's Recipe!), their signature Chocolate Chip Cookie (where the developed the PERFECT recipe after months of testing), the Chocolate Croissant, and their Cheddar Biscuit (Chrissy's Pick) which are some of their many grab and go options! Many of their customers also enjoy their assortment of muffins and scones.

Chrissy Benson

Looking for your daily dose of caffeine? Greystone has a large drink menu that includes 12 different types of coffee drinks, and a variety of teas. If you order a hot beverage, make sure to take a picture of the aesthetically designed cups against the beautiful South End neighborhood, and post it to your Instagram story (the owners love to repost)!

They also offer many different lunch options that are available starting at 11:00 am! Try one of their many sandwiches, such as 'The Turkey' (with bacon, harvarti cheese, and aioli), 'The Caprese' (mozz, tomatoes, basil, arugula, olive oil, and a balsamic aioli), or 'The BLT'! They also offer three different bowls, including 'The Superfood', as well as various daily soups and salads.

Along with their breakfast, lunch and pastries, the cafe also has a provisions shop inside their store where you can shop for local items such as snacks, jams, and teas. They also sell some of their favorite cook books.

In addition, they offer homemade dog biscuits for the many dogs who visit the window with their owners!

Being a 5 min T ride on the Orange Line or a 25 minute walk from Northeastern, this cafe is easily accessible to every student on campus. Whether you're studying, or just want to enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee in their BEAUTIFULLY designed cafe (due to Jacqueline's eye for design!), make sure you stop by Greystone Cafe when they open for in-person dining.

In the mean time, stop by their walk-up window to order items to-go, and follow their Instagram @greystone_southend for updates on some of their specials (like their occasionally offered Peanut Butter Squares)!