I love sandwiches. There, I said it. It feels good to finally get that off of my chest and tell someone. No, but seriously, they’re the most perfect food. You can put anything you want in there: meat, cheese, toppings, you name it. If there’s something put between two pieces of bread, there’s a good chance I’m going to eat it.

Therefore, I’m extremely happy to be writing today about one sandwich in particular. I’m talking about the chicken sandwich at Bo de B.

My love of sandwiches has taken me to many places as I continue to search for not only my favorite, but what I consider to be the greatest sandwich in the world.

Let me back up a bit though. Before my semester abroad in Barcelona, I got tons of recommendations from family and friends. They recommended sights to see, clubs and bars to go to and, of course, I received a ton of dining recommendations.

I first heard about Bo de B from my friend JZ. He said his mother told him it was the best chicken sandwich she had ever had. From that moment, I knew I had to have this sandwich. It became somewhat of an obsession.


How I felt about this sandwich.

Also, my friend JZ wasn’t the only person to recommend this place and this sandwich to me, which made it even more enticing. It was on every guide a friend or family member gave me.

In my obsessed craze before coming to Barcelona to eat this sandwich, I started doing some research. I went on every restaurant review site. We’re talking the always helpful Google, Yelp and you know I had to hop on TripAdvisor.

While most reviews were good, I was still worried. How could one chicken sandwich possibly live up to all the hype? There were still a few scathing reviews of bad service, poor quality and long wait times. Not a lot of reviews, but enough to keep me skeptical.

Then, when I finally arrived in Barcelona, it was time. I was all ready to go, and then, THEN my loyalty to and love of sandwiches (which has been and will continue to always be unwavering) was called into question!

That’s right, my sister’s friend and roommate, the one and only Flal of Bitches Hoarding Bagels fame, told me I was “trippin.” Look at the evidence below:


“Trippin?” Really? I don’t think so. Who even says that anymore?

First of all, it was my first week in Barcelona! I was trying to get acclimated to a new, exciting and really large new city. There were sights to see, classes to prepare for (HA) and wine, beer and booze to drink. I of course still made time for food, but I wanted this sandwich to be special.

Second of all, I don’t think anyone has told me I was “trippin” since like 4th grade. There was an incident at recess, I don’t really want to get into it.

So after being called out and defamed on social media, it was time to sack up and make time for this. My roommate and I made the metro journey, complete with three transfers, to Bo de B.

This place is small, we’re talking 5 tables deep here guys. That’s why the takeout window is so popular. However, in my research before going, there was hope. A reviewer casually mentioned to go at an off time, like 4pm. Oh, what a revelation! Why didn’t I think of this? No one, not even the schedule-ally challenged people of Spain eat at 4pm.


Textbook definition of a “hole-in-the-wall joint” right here.

I was hopeful this would work and we wouldn’t have to deal with the ridiculous line and wait times that other reviewers and recommenders mentioned. We actually left at 4pm, and arrived at our destination closer to 5, but I was confident we would be fine as long as we were there between the hours of 4pm and 5pm.

Luckily, I was right. Not a person in sight. We actually snagged one of the five tables in the joint and ordered our sandwiches. I also ordered the patatas bravas because I heard they were dank as well. Or because I wanted to make my stomach explode. Either one.

I didn’t expect this sandwich to live up to the hype. Plain and simple. Too many people recommending it had made me questioning too much. There were just too many variables, and I’m terrible at math. But guys, I’m happy to announce that it did indeed live up to all the hype. And it was glorious.


THE sandwich in all its glory. Well worth my obsession I’d say. Photo by Max Siskind.

The sandwich was huge. I stuffed mine with chicken, rice, lettuce and tomato and all the sauces (getting all the sauces is absolutely essential here). The chicken and the bread for your sandwich are then grilled behind the counter for your viewing pleasure. They wrap it in foil, Chipotle style, cut it in half and give it to you on a plate.

Make sure you get enough napkins for this one because it’s going to get messy. But it’s so worth it. The chicken is juicy and flavorful, the veggies are fresh and the bread is toasted to perfection with the perfect combination of a crunchy crust and a soft, warm interior.

The patatas bravas were also probably the best I’ve had so far in Barcelona, only because they put all the sauces on them too. The sandwich is definitely still the star at this place though.


Hot little potatoes with five (FIVE) sauces. What more could you ask for? Photo by Max Siskind.

I’ll definitely be going back to Bo de B in the very near future, probably multiple times in the near future.

I don’t think this is the best sandwich in the world. I’m not even sure it’s the best in Barcelona. That’s only because I haven’t been everywhere in the world, or even everywhere in this city yet.

The best sandwich could still be out there somewhere, just waiting for me. This is one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had and I highly suggest you try it for yourself if you can. My quest for the greatest sandwich in the world is never-ending, and I’m perfectly fine with that.

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