The classic Georgetown question is now being posed at Columbia ever since Sweetgreen opened up 4 blocks away from our beloved Chipotle.

Chipotle was the good, cheap, and quick food option in Morningside Heights. But Sweetgreen is expanding in New York and the line at this new salad shop is out the door. Would you really choose kale over chips and guac? Take this quiz and we’ll help you decide. Whichever you pick, don’t forget to keep your hands and your head behind the sneeze guard.

  1. How hungry are you right now?

  2. Avocado or guacamole?

  3. Do you want to leave your bed?

  4. Burrito or Burrito Bowl?

  5. Pick your base.

  6. What do you listen to?

  7. Coffee or Tea?

  8. What's your favorite campus study spot?

  9. What's your favorite off-campus study spot?