Welcome to Denison! Ever get tired of eating the same old Curtis, Huffman, Slayter, repeat? I bet you're not the only one. We're all ballin' on a budget, I get it, but there are more amazing (and affordable) food options down the hill than you might think! To make it easy, I've rounded up all of the Granville restaurants that freshman should try during their first semester. 

Moe's Original Bar B Que

Amelia Hitchens

Moe's is the Southern Soul Food Revival that you students from down south (and everywhere else) MUST try! Older students might know Moe's from that one time they embarrassed themselves singing karaoke at the bar, or drinking $5 bottles of wine on Tuesdays, but Moe's also has amazing BBQ! They even have a sweet discount downstairs at the restaurant that you should totally take advantage of. On Monday - Thursday from 5-9pm, Denison students eat 10% off. What's the catch? All you have to do it show your student ID and follow them on Instagram

Village Coffee Co.

I don't know about you, but Village Coffee definitely saved my life...multiple times. If you're like me, you'll absolutely spend many hours here. Whether you're there to drink coffee and study, or get breakfast with friends, Village Coffee is the place for everyone. Even better news for you, Denison students eat/drink 10% off all day, every day if you show them your student ID. 

River Road Coffee House

Amelia Hitchens

Those who know me know I am 1000% addicted to coffee, so yes, I had to include two different coffee shops on this list. But, you'll thank me later. Granville is #blessed to have River Road and all of its deliciousness. At this adorable little coffee house, you'll always be greeted with a friendly face and the fresh aroma of great coffee. Want to get away from campus and Granville all together? No worries. River Road has two other locations! One in Downtown Newark, and one on 21st Street in Newark (this one has a drive through)!

Aladdin Diner

Aladdin's is honestly my favorite breakfast place in town. It's quick, easy, CHEAP and quite delicious in my opinion (but maybe I'm just a breakfast junkie, idk). This Granville restaurant is absolutely a staple in the diet of Denison students. Eat in or grab it to go, either way, it's the breakfast you'll be craving all week. 

Eat Up!

Amelia Hitchens

Eat Up is fairly new (it's actually Granville's newest restaurant), but I love it! Their ingredients are always super fresh, and the owner is super sweet. My personal favorite menu items are the Greek Pita, Sweet Potato Fries (seriously the best I've ever tasted) and the Peanut Butter, Nutella & Bacon Sandwich (yes, you read that correctly). So get up! out of bed and go to Eat Up! for lunch!

Whit's Frozen Custard

Whit's is absolutely a signature of Granville! Even though they have a few other locations, Granville is actually the original Whit's that opened back in 2003 (super cool, I know). They feature different specials every week, so be sure to keep up to date to catch your favorites! Some of my personal favorites are Black Raspberry Chip, Mint Cookies & Creme, and Sea Salt Caramel. Yummmm. As far as Granville restaurants go, this one sure is sweet!

Mai Chau on Prospect

Amelia Hitchens

Mai Chau serves up some wicked good Viet inspired food and it's another restaurant that offers a 10% discount for Denison Students! Their Instagram bio reads, "Super Fresh. Super Fit" which is super accurate! You can enjoy Mai Chau multiple ways - in their dining room, or in their bar/brewing company called Three Tigers! Pro tip: Three Tigers does brunch on Sunday mornings and it is absolutely drool worthy. 

Alfie's Wholesome Food

Alfie's is great because the food is so fresh and exactly what you're looking for when you need a quick bite to eat. Their mission statement is "to connect people to what they eat and to each other by being the community’s best place for food." We love all they have done to connect with our Denison Community. They even named a sandwich after an Alumni/Spoon Denison QUEEN, Alex Frank '18! 

Elm's Pizza Parlor

Amelia Hitchens

Oh hey, check out this throw back photo of me in my cheer uniform eating Elm's Pizza after a football game! I'm clearly obsessed, and you should be too. Elm's is located on Elm Street (naturally) and is just a street down from the main part of town. Their thin sliced pizzas are absolutely worth the walk (or drive if you have a super cool friend with a car). If you don't want to leave campus, just go to a football game! The cheerleaders usually pass out full pizzas during the third quarter to fans who show the most school spirit. Go Big Red!

SteamRoller Bagels

SteamRoller is fairly new to Granville (just about 3 years old), but we are so happy to have them here! They serve delicious steamed bagel sandwiches at 115 N. Prospect Street (across from Mai Chau). Want to know the best thing about SteamRoller? THEY DELIVER to Denison which is HUGE on a Sunday when you just don't have the energy to leave your dorm. Thank goodness for delivery am I right? 

Snapshots Lounge

Amelia Hitchens

Snapshots is the perfect lunch spot! I love coming here for a very chill yet fun vibe because everyone can find something they love here. Their outside area is picture perfect, and makes a great venue for your next get together. Pictured is my sister, Abbey, drinking a mimosa on her 21st birthday! I love their mimosas and bloody marys, and my favorite menu items include Bacon Wrapped Smokies, The Frenchie, and of course, their Mac & Cheese! 

Broadway Pub

What college student doesn't LOVE pub style food? Broadway Pub, or, "The Pub" is great when everyone is craving something a little different. They have burgers, soup, pizza, pasta, quesadillas (personal fave), and so much more. For those of you who are 21+, they always have a great tap list and so many drinks to choose from. The wait is usually a little longer at The Pub, so plan ahead! 

Prospect St. Smoothie

Prospect Smoothie is also very new to town, and a lovely addition to the list of Granville restaurants! All of their products are "organic, all natural, energetic, healthy and fun!" They love getting involved with Denison and actually participated at the Denison wellness fair. Throughout different times of the year, they will run some 10% off promotions, so be sure to follow them on Instagram to stay updated! 

Granville Farmers Market

Amelia Hitchens

Ok, not technically a Granville restaurant, but I wanted to include it because you can definitely find some tasty eats at the Granville Farmers Market! Everything is so fresh, and it almost makes you reminisce on those days at home when your mom would make dinner from scratch. You can find fresh fruits and veggies, pumpkins in the fall, local coffee, popcorn, flowers, succulents, DONUTS and much more. 

I hope you enjoy these Granville restaurants as much as I do. I know when I was a student, I spent a lot of time at some of these places. So head down the hill, find your favorite spots, and tell your friends!