If you find yourself driving through the Warehouse District of downtown West Palm Beach, Florida, you might be surprised to see the bright art that's splashed across the buildings' exteriors or the hip boutiques and cross-fit gyms tucked into the concrete corners of every block. Most likely, though, you'd be especially surprised to find one of the best food and drink spots in the entire city: Grandview Public Market.

Grandview Public Market (usually just called "Grandview" by locals), prides itself on providing customers with a unique food experience you'd be hard-pressed to find somewhere else. Featuring various vendors with diverse focuses, you can treat yourself to breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and drinks without ever leaving the premises. If this sounds like your jam (as it should), then keep scrolling, because I'm about to tell you all about why Grandview Public Market is a must-visit spot for Floridian foodies.


First and foremost, I cannot possibly stress enough just how fantastic the food is at Grandview. What's your latest crave? Pizza? Tacos? Poke bowls? Vegan falafel wraps? Whatever your flavor (ha, get it?), Grandview has it. This place is like a choose-your-own-adventure book, but every page has a different magical flavor experience.


As soon as you walk into Grandview, Pumphouse Coffee is ready to give you a nice caffeine boost, with Sugar Milk Boba and Dessert Bar waiting around the corner to overwhelm you with their insane bubble and fruit tea menu. If you're looking for something a bit more *adult*, though, you can grab some wine, hang out at the bar, or get a local beer on tap! The options are limitless -- especially if you stop in during Happy Hour!


You may be thinking that, after eating your dumplings (yes, they have those) and downing your butterfly pea lemonade (yes, they have that, too), you won't have room for dessert. Even if that's true, you're going to need to make some space. Ice cream in colorful, flavored cones and crepes drizzled with dulce de leche demand to be eaten and refuse to ignored. Loosen your tie (and belt), roll up your sleeves, and heed the call.


One of the best things about Grandview is how hard they work down there to create a space that the whole community can enjoy and engage with. Yoga classes outside, live music on the deck, trivia Tuesdays, a weekend farmers market, and even the occasional Salsa night are just some of the noteworthy happenings that Grandview offers its patrons. There's something for everyone, especially if you just so happen to decide to stick around for dinner.


The last thing about Grandview that makes it so worth a visit is that it's just so cool. The outside deck is beautiful and welcoming. The interior is hip and industrial. The seating areas are refreshing and bright. There's an adorable shop inside with canvas bags, cocktail mixes, and cards with attitude for every occasion. Every wall has something that your Instagram feed would be lucky to feature. The energy of the vendors, and the feeling of being in such a unique space in the heart of a vibrant, bustling city is truly unmatched by basically anywhere else I've been.


Just in case you're not sold yet, I'm going to say it one more time. If you live in South Florida, are visiting South Florida, or just feel like taking a trip to somewhere fun and new, you absolutely have to give Grandview Public Market a try. 

Go for the food, stay for the drinks. Go for the drinks, stay for the food. Go for both, stay for cute pictures with your squad. Whatever you want! Just go, and bring me back a burger!