Gramercy Café in NY was one of the only stand-alone diners left in the East Village area and was closed due to the changing tastes of the area. The retro diner reopened in December 2017 as Gramercy Kitchen. The new restaurant puts a modern spin on comfort food and traditional hospitality. It features white exposed brick and large window panels in place of a wall so you can watch all of the quirky East Villagers doing their business while enjoying an omelette. 

My photographer and I visited Gramercy Kitchen during Friday afternoon, where they were serving their weekday brunch menu. Their menu resembled a classic diner menu with some millennial twists, such as lobster mac n' cheese. We ordered some iced coffee, a sweet dish, a savory dish, and an appetizer in order to get the full experience


The iced coffee was smooth with a light nutty accent. You could tell the coffee beans used were imported, high-grade beans, the only ones applicable for a valid brunch. It avoided being too bitter and overpowering. Overall, a splendid drink.

Jaani Gandhi


The appetizers on this menu were bomb, but we went with the Disco Fries. They were similar to poutine, which is a Canadian dish consisting of french fries topped with cheese and gravy. The fries were crispy on the outside and airy on the inside. The gravy and cheese allowed those beautiful wedges to melt in your mouth.

Jaani Gandhi

Main Course #1- Chocolate Chip Pancakes

I order chocolate chip pancakes at breakfast/brunch almost every time that I do not get an order of avocado toast, so I'm a bit of an expert when it comes to pancakes. There was something about these silver dollar pancakes that made them stand out from previous pancakes I've consumed. They were light and fluffy, with some hints of coconut. They were sweeter than the average pancake, yet it wasn't overpowering. Even though they were thin, they were very filling. I enjoyed the homemade whipped cream on the side as well.

Jaani Gandhi

Main Course #2- Tex-Mex Omelette 

The omelette was filled with bacon, jalepeños, pepper jack and topped off with salsa and the freshest avocado I've ever seen. The egg itself was soft, like biting into a yellow cloud. The mixture of the salty and spicy flavors and the avocado as a buffer created a perfect balance, resulting in a party in my mouth! The home fries that came on the side were very crisp and well made.

Jaani Gandhi


I love how they remodeled this place. The retro diner look was cool on the outside, but the place on the inside was shabby and falling apart. The remodel is very classy and modern, with a lot of sunlight coming into the restaurant making it great for photo aesthetics and getting some vitamin D while you munch. The staff is amazing; that is an understatement. Even though the place got a remodel, the staff is still as sweet as honey. The food came really fast and the staff served our every need promptly with a smile.

Final Thoughts

This restaurant is great for brunch. It boasts a calm environment, which makes it perfect for grabbing a bite with family and coworkers. Additionally, picky eaters will enjoy this place because of the extensive menu and food choices that appeal to most picky people. Other than their omelettes, Gramercy Kitchen is known for their burgers and specialty sandwiches, such as the Turkey Triple Decker which consists of fresh turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. Their drink menu is also quite large; the soda floats, nitro brew coffee and milkshakes are great. Overall, they did a great job remodeling the old café and I would eat here again based on the quality of the food and the ambiance of the space itself.

Hours: Everyday from 10am-8pm

Price Range: $$

Available for Delivery/Pickup on Postmates, Seamless, and Grubhub

Jaani Gandhi