Ever dream of a cozy and comforting café where you can drink coffee and eat delicious desserts? Well your dream just came true with Grace Street Café, a beautiful dessert place in the heart of K-Town, New York City. Grace Street Café serves amazing and aesthetically pleasing desserts and drinks for everyone to enjoy. Keep reading to find out what Grace Street has to offer. 

Ho Dduk

"Ho Dduk" — Korean Donuts — are pillows of fried dough with melting brown sugar, walnuts, cinnamon, and is paired with vanilla ice cream. Don't bother searching for American donuts anymore, and stop by Grace Street instead for this  sweet donuts and ice cream dream combo. 

Shaved Snow 

There are many places in New York City that sell this "Bingsoo", such as Caffé Bene, Sweet Moments, Bingbox, Snowdays, etc. But Grace Street's Shaved Snow is delicious, light, and fluffy. Try their yummy combinations such as the "Elixir", "Mango Madness", or "Milk and Honey". Or better yet, just make your own! 


What's a café without its drinks? Grace Street offers the regular coffee drinks, but also serves milk teas, hot teas, matcha drinks, and lemonades. I recommend the Summer Lemonade (pictured above) which is made with lemons, strawberries, and butterfly pea tea. It's beautiful and refreshing.

Other Desserts 

Grace Street doesn't just have regular Shaved Snow and coffee drinks. They serve other mouth-watering desserts such as Hong Kong French Toast, Beignets, different kinds of dessert waffles, and more. You'll need to come to this café more than once to try all of these foods.  

Grace Street Café is a must-visit in New York City. But visit before 5:00; otherwise, there's an extremely long wait and each guest has to pay $5.00 per customer. So, strategize when you want to visit and enjoy ALL of the desserts.