After cheap drinks and long train rides, the beat of music coming from Randall’s Island can be felt through the streets of Harlem. The Governors Ball, making its appearance only one summer weekend a year, is highly anticipated by everyone who loves music. Indie rock, Alternative rock, Hip-hop, and EDM artists are all held on the grassy island where eager fans push to the front of the stage the snap the best instagram photo. With the recent release of the festival lineup, fans eagerly await single day ticket sales and a weekend they'll never forget.

But what's even more exciting than listening to your favorite artist up close and personal? Eating some of the best food New York has to offer. Over 50 food stands and food trucks are spread across the island where lines stretch depending on the popularity of the chain. I'm guilty of being more excited for the food than the bands! As a Governors Ball food fanatic I hope to extend my knowledge to the first-time attenders, just like my colleagues with similar articles and equally credible expertise.

It's essential to not only make a music schedule, but to form a list of the food places you have to hit. After all, you will be working up an appetite after posing in front of the art displays and playing life sized Jenga on the lawns. Once you are used to the buzz of the atmosphere and have located all the nearest stages, pick a line that offers some of the best meals you and your feed will appreciate.

Arancini Bros

Courtney Stewart

This stand holds rice balls fried and filled with melted cheese and marinara sauce or cinnamon and nutella. Amazing for a small snack and although tiny, very filling (and messy!)

Co Co & Co

Courtney Stewart

To be completely honest I got this drink because it was aesthetically pleasing, but it was actually really refreshing and is much more environmentally friendly than other places. The coconut of course is biodegradable and the straw is made of paper instead of plastic. This is definitely a place to hit.


Courtney Stewart

If you haven't gone completely overboard on the sweets, Wowfulls is the place to fill the sugary void. Not your traditional waffle cone, this ice cream shop uses actual, warm, freshly made waffles and tops it with the ice cream of your choice. I highly recommend sharing with a friend because you don't want to leave yourself in a food coma before you can start dancing to your favorite tunes.


soup, cream
Molly Schwartz

If you don't want to run into those frequent bathroom visits that come along with drinking too much coffee, I suggest the Matchabar. It will keep you up and running and is also healthier for you. It's a select taste and really comes from the roots, guaranteeing to hype you up and fuel your music festival vibes.

Taqueria Diana

Gillian Cazzoli

I loved Taqueria Diana because they gave out stickers but that's not always guaranteed. Also, who doesn't love taquitos and tacos? Make sure to stop by and pick up great food and possibly a free gift on the side.

Johns Juice

Courtney Stewart

Similar to Co Co & Co, this juice bar offers an organic and environmentally friendly twist on fruit juice. You could get pineapple, dragon fruit, orange, and more! Pineapple can be shared and it is SO good. Protect the environment while also enjoying great food that isn't fried.

cream, chocolate, milk, sweet, frozen yogurt, candy, ice, yogurt
Max Bartick

like any cookie dough, this is obviously delicious. Although, if it's on your list of stops I'd save it for last. It’s heavy and will sit in your stomach. Maybe stick to the waffle cones or get a cup to go!

Dough Donuts

Courtney Stewart

If your cravings for sugary treats has still not been met, why not buy a doughnut the size of your head? They top them with anything from regular glazed, to Oreo cookie crumble. I am not a huge fan of doughnuts but even I couldn't pass up this tasty opportunity.

If you are running into trouble trying to cancel places off your list because you don't want to drop over $100 on food, I am here to help. As your fellow food enthusiast I can recommend dropping the Nugget Spot, Big Mozz Sticks, and Friterie. The Nugget Spot offers four nuggets that are nothing compared to something you can pick up in your local town. When I got them they were overcooked and pricey! I was so hyped to try Big Mozz Sticks and was disappointed when the beautiful golden brown fried food I bit into tasted nothing like cheese. It was aged and greasy and too heavy for a carefree music fest.

Friterie is a nontraditional french fry place which, to be fair, I had a bad experience with when I tried them. It was pouring rain and I was left with soggy french fries and muddy white converse when all I wanted was a crunchy fry and a sunny day. Everyone's tastebuds are different so don't let my experience fool you! If you don't take my word for it I hope your fried food is all crunchy and satisfying. 

Wherever you go and whatever you see is guaranteed to create an unforgettable experience. The Governors Ball is a great place to meet new people and try new things not exclusively to the food. Get ready for the food lineup as we all countdown the days till the gates open!