These days, we millennials want everything to be customizable, from what goes on phones and computers to what goes on our burritos. Jumping on that bandwagon were the founders of Cinnaholic, a gourmet cinnamon roll place where you can pick out your own icing flavor and toppings. It's hard not to like cinnamon rolls, and when you can add everything from apples to Oreos, the love grows even stronger.

You may have seen Cinnaholic if you're an avid watcher of the TV show Shark Tank. The founders earned a spot on Shark Tank and were successful – so successful that they have fifteen different locations around the United States after starting in Berkeley, California. 

Building Your Cinnamon Roll

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Emily Doyle

Step 1: Choose your frosting flavor. There are many flavors (different ones for different seasons) to top your roll with, exciting choices like chai, hazelnut, and even macadamia nut.

Step 2: Choose your toppings. Want to start your morning with a cinnamon roll topped with cookie dough? Go for it! It's fruit galore for Step 2, with fresh options like blackberries and raspberries sounding better and better.

The Irresistible Pre-made Options

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While the make-your-own is a fantastic option, Cinnaholic has serves some rolls you can order already, like the Caramel Apple, (basically your own personal apple pie, pictured above), and the S'mores Blast or Texas Pecan Praline (some options vary by location), both pictured below.

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Emily Doyle

These are great to try when the options are all so yummy that you have a hard time choosing. There's really no way to go wrong with any of their cinnamon creations.

You'd guess these sweet treats are full of unhealthy ingredients, right? Well, drum roll please, as all of Cinnaholic's products are dairy and lactose, egg, and cholesterol-free! The founders of Cinnaholic are proud vegans, and wanted to show the world how tasty the food can be, so all the cinnamon rolls are vegan as well. Click here to check out their locations and see if there's one in your state yet. You're welcome.