As a world-renowned chef, British culinary figure Gordon Ramsay has established various restaurants internationally and has starred in hit culinary shows such as Master Chef. Both his culinary masterpieces and his iconic television scenes have contributed to his massive presence as a chef and TV personality. One of his restaurants in the United States, Fish and Chips, has found a new home in Orlando, Florida. It just so happens that Orlando is my hometown, and as a major food-enthusiast, I was more than eager to learn about this restaurant that once only belonged in the Sin City of Las Vegas.

Having opened this month, Fish and Chips offers Orlando a Ramsay-esque take on the classic British dish of fish and chips. Since this is its first location outside of Las Vegas, this is an exciting opportunity for both Orlando locals and tourists to try a restaurant that’s curated by Ramsey himself. This new addition to Ramsay’s restaurant portfolio had made me curious as to why Orlando was chosen as the first city to expand Fish and Chips. And if this is perhaps a nod to the growing food scene in Orlando…

I’ve lived in Orlando for around 12 years and am grateful to have grown up with the perks of this town, from Disney and Universal to all the downtown eats. Over the years, I noticed that a LOT has changed within Orlando’s food landscape. Even in the enclosed suburbia that I’m from, we’ve replaced vast grass pastures of friendly cows with clustered chain restaurants, retail titans, and a sprinkle of charming cafes. I’ve seen Downtown Disney transform into Disney Springs, Mills Avenue become praised as a boba alley, and the beginnings of the very area that Fish and Chips entered: Icon Park.

Icon Park is a thriving location with much potential for culinary additions such as Fish and Chips to be widely successful. With the Wheel, Madam Tussauds wax museum of celebrities, and the SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium, Icon Park had established itself as a spot of major attractions. Naturally, it makes sense as to why there was an eye on this area for the new Fish and Chips location.

I had visited Icon Park a couple of weeks ago to show a friend from college around and we had got a chance to see Fish and Chips while in the Orlando Wheel. After reaching the top of the 400 foot tall attraction, we had spotted the entire rooftop of a building below that was painted as the flag of the United Kingdom. After realizing that this was the Fish and Chips restaurant, we sneaked a closer peek after returning to ground level when perusing Icon Park. The restaurant was in the center of the park and stood out in the broad daylight as if announcing its arrival. Though I unfortunately could not make the grand opening (I’m currently studying abroad), seeing a restaurant from a renowned chef enter the heart of Orlando made me excited to try a plate of fish and chips when I come back to America later this year.

After hearing the buzz around Fish and Chips, I couldn’t help but see a pattern: prominent eateries are coming to Orlando. In the very same location of Icon Park, Kylie Jenner’s Sugar Factory has claimed a spot right next to the entrance. More restaurant icons include a Filipino fast-food favorite, Jollibee, as well as international boba brand Gongcha, which each found a new location at Colonial Drive in Orlando. With this influx of national brands finding a home within Orlando, it wouldn’t be too long before we find this city to be a much more prominent food hub. Orlando is becoming more diverse within its people and its cuisine, and I love to see this food landscape flourish. With more renowned eateries making its way to this city, Orlando will soon become known for more than being the home of Disney and Universal!

If You Go…

Fish and Chips is NOW open for lunch and dinner! 

8391 International Drive, Suite C-1 Orlando, FL 32819