Michael's Goody Boy Diner has now reopened as Short North Goody Boy. The Short North staple closed for renovations and revamping this winter. Goody Boy is now a sister restaurant to Columbus favorites Forno, Standard Hall, Pint House, and Food Hall. The classic diner is now a great spot not only for comfort food, but for drinks and great happy hour deals. 

The New Goody Boy

Goody Boy still has its classic diner vibe and comfortable atmosphere, but there are some new features to get excited about. Here are just a few new favorites.

Goody Bags

Goody Bags are probably the most popular item right now. Similar to Food Hall's fish bowls or Standard's boozy popsicles, Goody Boy now has a special drink of its own. These little Capri-Sun type drinks come in two flavors. They offer either tropical punch with a rum base or strawberry lemonade with a vodka base. 

Tons of Sandwiches

Every diner needs a good, long list of drool-worthy sandwiches. Goody Boy has classic burgers, grilled cheese, and club sandwiches. But the list doesn't stop there. Goody Boy has a great meatloaf melt, reuben, club, and a vegetarian portobello sandwich. All of the sandwiches are not only perfect for diner lovers, but foodies as well. 

Happy Hour Deals

Similar to Forno, Goody Boy also has half-price Happy Hour, Monday through Friday from 3 til 6pm. Almost the entire menu is part of Happy Hour! Enjoy shareables, soups, salads, pizzas, sandwiches, dessert, and drinks - all half-priced! Some great items to have during Happy Hour are the stuffed avocado halves and the mac n cheese. 

Crafty Cocktails

Not every diner has such a lengthy list of specialty cocktails. Goody Boy does not disappoint. In addition to the Goody Bags, they have classic mojitos and mules, but there are some drinks with a special twist. The New York Sour is refreshing with pineapple juice and red wine. If you're in the mood to have a really good night, try the "Boy"ster shot; 3 jello shots on lemon peels. 

Short North Goody Boy is now the perfect place for comfort diner food, while also being a great spot for drinks. Goody Boy is adding to the Short North's hip, foodie vibe. 

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