A big, warm welcome back to State, friends. It’s a fresh start to a new semester with new friends, new activities, new classes, new opportunities and most importantly, new food. You’ve officially survived the first exam week, so  reward yourself by stopping in at the cozy, new spot in downtown State College called The Good Seed Baking Company. Tucked away at 129 South Fraser Street, this shop offers a wide selection of gluten-free options. From homemade breads to pastries, this bakery has everything you need to satisfy your sweet tooth and, most certainly, your belly. This shop is inspired to make delicious, homemade and original recipes for customers who have celiac disease, an intolerance to gluten or simply choose to eat gluten-free. The owner and the workers are not gluten-free themselves, which inspires them to make delicious products that taste the same, or even better, than treats that contain gluten. My first visit to The Good Seed Baking Co. was definitely memorable.


A classic, colorful almond-based treat. The Good Seed features different flavors each week including pumpkin, lemon, vanilla, tiramisu, chai latte and strawberry. For a crunchy, savory, small reward (maybe you got a B on your first exam), go for the macaron.


Photo by Morgan Nagy


Everyone enjoys a freshly baked, gooey and warm cookie! The list ranges from snickerdoodle to chocolate chip, with many delicious choices in between. You will find that when you share your cookie ever so kindly, it will not crumble in your hands, as you would expect a gluten-free cookie to do. The bakers have engineered a recipe to make their cookies take on the properties and flavors of regular cookies! For a B+ on your exam, you deserve a cookie.


I got to see a sample of a scrumptious blueberry muffin on my visit. All other choices had been gobbled up by the time I got there (they must be good). An array of flavors is available daily. For the A- on your exam, hit up a mouthwatering muffin.


You just got an A on your exam. You definitely deserve a cupcake, champ. Vanilla bean, peach and strawberry are a few flavors that The Good Seed has to offer. The icing is irresistible.


Photo by Morgan Nagy

Here are some of their other Gluten-free products that you can share with your roomies:


Produced by Fasta’s, this fast and easy gluten-free pasta and ravioli is to be shared. The Good Seed Baking Co. also offers their own egg or roasted pepper fettuccine pastas. Serve with a tasty sauce and bring home some gluten-free desserts to really impress your roommates.


A crunchy bread, baked in multiple flavors, is available daily, and there’s soon to be a pumpernickel flavor (Spoon U exclusive). Whip up your rendition of gluten-free French toast, or serve with the pasta you just purchased as a great complement.

Also available at The Good Seed Baking Co. :


Photo by Morgan Nagy

This bakery will cater to your birthday and celebratory occasions with cakes and pies, as well. You can visit their website here for further info. Be sure to check out this hot spot when you’re craving a sweet treat!


Location:  129 S Fraser Street State College, Pa 16801
Hours of Operation: 9am-6pm Monday- Friday, 9am-4pm Saturday, closed Sunday

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