Anyone familiar with the restaurants and eateries of Harvard Square knows that this year there is a new kid on the block: Liquiteria. Called “the masters of photoworthy smoothies” by Food Network, Liquiteria was the nation’s first cold-pressed juice bar, starting a trend that has since taken the world by storm.

While standing in line one morning, waiting for the uber-friendly blenderista to finish up my “Hangover Cure” (yes, that is seriously the name of one of their drinks), I thought to myself, “this can’t be the only place in the square to find great smoothies and juices.” And so, I began my search for the best places in Harvard Square to get your greens on.


Photo by Isabel Wagner


Before Liquiteria, the Harvard Square B.Good was one of the only places you could find cold-pressed juices around campus. Inspired by the increasing popularity of healthy living, B.Good’s founders decided to take on the challenge of creating their own brand of juices, and sure did succeed in producing an awesome product.

4Petal, B.Good’s cold-pressed juice brand, is a delicious way to get all those vitamins and minerals that are jam-packed into leafy greens like kale, spinach, and parsley. In addition to the classic cold-pressed juices, they also offer an Agua Fresca line, with mouth-watering choices like watermelon lime and thai coconut.

B.Good also has a spectacular selection of smoothies for $5.99 each. Whether you need kale, strawberries, or acai to quench your *thirst*, B.Good has something for everyone.

Stop in this month and get your hands on the Seasonal Special, a smoothie that takes advantage of whatever fruits and veggies are ripe and ready to blend (right now it’s Local Peach and Cherry).


Photo by Isabel Wagner


Liquiteria was founded in 1996 in the Big Apple, and the Harvard Square location is the juice chain’s first expansion outside of New York. The atmosphere is bright, lively, and very blue (it is their signature color after all). The staff members are infectiously energetic, and also extremely knowledgable about the products they serve.

The menu is chock full of delicious smoothies, cold-pressed juices, cleansing regimens, supplements, and snacks. With juice prices ranging from $7-$10, Liquiteria provides the perfect drink for between classes, after practice, or whenever you’re feeling like getting in some fruits and veggies (but not really feeling the HUDS salad bar).

Liquiteria’s mission is to promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle full of essential nutrients and wholesome ingredients, something I feel that they undoubtably accomplish here in Harvard Square.


Photo by Serena Martinez


Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Boloco is a burrito joint, why on earth are they being included in a juice and smoothie roundup?” Well, I’m here to blow your mind.

Boloco sells smoothies.

Surprised? So was I when I first discovered the glorious drink that is the Boloco smoothie. Offered in three sizes (mini, small, and original), Boloco blends their own smoothies right there in front of you. With a diverse selection ranging from the veggie filled Tropi-kale to the classic Strawbana, there is literally something for everyone.

With the original size ringing up at a super afffordable $4.99, Boloco is about to become your newest smoothie obsession.

(They also offer a rad collection of shakes, including an unbelievable Nutella milkshake. Seriously, you gotta try it.)


Photo courtesy of JP Licks

JP Licks

JP Licks is known around campus as the go-to for creamy, rich ice cream in just about every flavor imaginable. However, they do have two types of smoothies, so I figured they deserved an honorable mention.

With the classic Fruit Smoothie, and the dairy-free Fruitatta, JP Licks lends its expertise in chilly goodness to the smoothie loving crowd, and does a pretty good job of it. By blending fruits like raspberries, strawberries, and mangos, JP Licks provides all the sweetness you could desire.

Even though there are no veggie options, I commend JP Licks for its contribution to the smoothie game.

In Conclusion…

Harvard Square has a ton of juices and smoothies. Whether you’re feeling like cleansing those toxins with fresh cold-pressed juices from Liquiteria, chowing down on a burrito while simultaneously sipping on a refreshing Boloco smoothie, or anything in between, there’s something out there for you.

So what are you guys waiting for? Go try some smoothies (and call your mom to tell her you’re eating your fruits and veggies, of course).