Most holidays are just a thinly veiled excuse to eat a ton of food and not feel guilty about it, why should Valentine’s Day be any different? While February 14th might be the most cliché-ed day of the year, it’s an amazing excuse to eat some bomb food and definitely some dessert, and maybe wear a pink shirt or something. However, if you were trying to impress your date with reservations at The Chop House, think again—that ish is completely booked. If you’re un-romantic, lazy, or broke, this guide is all you’ll need to navigate Ann Arbor on Valentine’s Day.

1. Cupcake Station


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Cupcakes are great because A) they’re cute B) you’re under no illusion that they are healthy in any way shape or form, therefore you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. I’m not incredibly educated on the history of cupcakes, but I’m suspicious that they were invented for Valentine’s day. Plus, I’m trying to eat only pink foods on the 14th and cupcakes definitely fall into that category. AND–this is important–you can order cupcakes online for pick up at their location on Main Street.

2. NeoPapalis


Photo by Celeste Holben

You might have a bae on Valentine’s Day if you’re lucky, but pizza is bae every other day of the year…so treat yoself. Neopapolis has amazing pizza at a great price, so you don’t have to sacrifice your wallet for gourmet food.

3. Tomukun Noodle Bar


Photo by Alex Weiner

Tomukun is incredible. They don’t take reservations, so you have a chance of actually obtaining a table at a normal hour this Valentine’s. Also, they have massive portions for a reasonable price, so if the date doesn’t work out, at least you can keep the leftovers. The menu can be completely overwhelming since they have a million delicious options, but if you’re in doubt, the basic pho is superb.

4. Fleetwood Diner


Photo by Julie Mirliss

You already knew Fleetwood was “the hippest little diner” in AA, so all the better reason to hit it up for V-day. Its open 24/7, and since it’s considered a brunch place, it probably won’t be too busy around dinner. Plus just seeing who else is there at 7PM on a Sunday will be fun. So if you don’t go for the hippie hash, go for the people watching or the sheer irony.

5. No Thai


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Yes, No Thai. Save money on the likely 3.4x Uber surge and order in. If you don’t feel like seeing all the couple-y people out being cute and such, do yourself (and probably everyone else) a favor and stay inside. Or if you do have a date that is equally as cynical, even better. You can stay inside and be warm while eating delightful Thai-inspired goodness.

6. Pizza House


Photo courtesy of @liv_furano on Instagram

Three words: Heart-shaped cheesy bread. Heart-shaped foods make up three-quarters of my love for Valentine’s day, and tbh it just makes eating more fun than it already is. And Pizza House is such a classic. Also, heart-shaped cheesy bread is $7.99 right now if you enter ‘LOVECHEESY’ at checkout.

7. Rod’s Diner


Photo by Julie Mirliss

Rods is a delicious enigma of Korean food and frozen yogurt colliders, but it’s one you need in your life. Whether you’re with a date and just trying to avoid the typical AA restaurants that will probably be crawling with students making googly-eyes at each other, or with friends, or even by yourself and just trying to get a ton of frozen yogurt, Rod has got your back.

Let’s face it: Valentine’s Day is a little stressful, for both single people and those in relationships, so everyone should just go get some delicious food and call it a day. Happy Valentine’s Day, and may you have a long and healthy relationship with food.