Burritos are a wonderful thing, a culinary gift sent from the gods to delight us and fill us up at all times of the day and night. When you mix this special flour pocket of delight with breakfast food filling, you create what is known as the breakfast burrito. And Nate’s Korner in Santa Ana, CA makes a pretty amazing breakfast burrito.

nate's korner

Photo by Emily Kirsch

In Spanish, “burro” means donkey and “burrito” then translates to little donkey. This burrito is seriously the size of a small donkey, basically.

Forget your your current favorite breakfast burrito. Nate’s monster of a burrito has all of your favorite ingredients, and more: your choice of bacon, ham or sausage (or all of them), up to three eggs, cheddar cheese, red and or green sauce, peppers (if you like it hot), and the crispiest hash browns you will ever put in your mouth.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you, consider the size. I hope you’ve been lifting weights because this burrito is heavy. A burrito from Nate’s Korner is so large that you definitely need two hands to properly consume it, and plenty of napkins.

The fresh ingredients and unbelievable quantity that you receive in one of their burritos far surpasses that of any fast food chain’s burritos and for the same price, maybe less.

Next time you wake up starving (or hungover) or looking to buy a burrito that could last you multiple meals, Nate’s Korner is the place you ought to go.

nate's korner

Photo courtesy of @gracieleeee on Instagram