Family Weekend is here, y’all. If you’re like me, you’re overwhelmed with excitement.  When parents come, they bring money. When they bring money, they take you to buy groceries, clothes, crap you don’t want to buy on your own, and most importantly, meals.

Let’s be real. All of us have fallen in love with Fort Worth. Here’s a complete list of where to take your parents so they’ll do the same! 


Yeah, we’ve all heard “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” However, finding the right place makes it way more than just “important,” but delicious and so worth it, too.


Family Weekend

Photo courtest of Brewed

Located on the phenomenally stocked Magnolia Avenue, Brewed was recently featured as one of the 25 best new restaurants in Fort Worth.

At first, it may seem like your average coffee shop. However, Brewed has transformed into a chic new restaurant that serves  way more than just coffee. Order a southern classic like chicken and waffles or biscuits and (BEER) gravy, or stick with a typical eggs and bacon breakky if that’s more your vibe.


Family Weekend

Photo by Kathryn Williams

This is another great place to take your parents for a filling, delicious brunch. From their 14-inch manhole pancake to a dish they call “Mash’d Tator explosion,” you’ll definitely “wow” the fam with whatever comes to the table.

Don’t forget to tell all family members 21 and over about the moonshine infused Bloody Mary and mimosa options like peach, orange and blackberry.

Make family weekend super real with the “mother and child reunion,” which consists of fried chicken with grits, a poached egg, and gravy….yeah, heaven.

Bird Cafe

Family Weekend

Photo by Ali McGuigan

This one’s also a classic Texan restaurant with many brunch options. With dishes like eggs Benedict topped with fried green tomatoes, Bird Cafe is defining the term “southern” in its own beautiful way.

Bird Cafe also satisfies healthier cravings with options like breakfast porridge and house-made granola. If the food didn’t convince you, the perfect view of Sundance Square should do the trick. Fair warning, though…make a reservation.


With the big game on Saturday, I’m sure you and your families will want to grab something quick before a tailgate and getting ready for the event. With that said, there are many great, quick, easy lunch options around Fort Worth.

East Hampton Sandwich Co.

Family Weekend

Photo courtesy of East Hampton Sandwich Co.

East Hampton has a bunch of sandwich and salad options for the whole family, from turkey and bacon to peanut butter and fluff. For more adventurous eaters, the asparagus and gruyere sandwich will leave you begging for more.

Zoe’s Kitchen

Family Weekend

Photo by Hayden Hane

This one also needs to be mentioned, especially for those of y’all who can’t resist warm pita and fresh hummus. The not-so-adventurous will love a simple pizza or sandwich, but there are also a huge variety of fresh, mediterranean-style choices for those who are a little more health-focused.


Family Weekend

Photo by Ali McGuigan

If you and your family have more time for lunch, then I would recommend looking into this upscale classic. It’s known for one of the best rooftop views in Fort Worth and also some of the greatest food in the city. As Ali McGuigan, member of TCU Spoon noted, “it is a classic, and the epitome of upscale Texas food.”


Family Weekend

Photo by Kathryn Williams

Whether your family is traveling 8 minutes or 8 hours, be sure to make a stop at Torchy’s Tacos. As Jamie Kenston, member of spoon, mentioned “the ever amazing Torchy’s for every out of state student to take their parents. My family is high key obsessed.” Order the queso. Please, just order the queso.


Now, for the last (but certainly not least) meal of the day. I know, I know, most parents have made reservations months in advance for this weekend. However, if you have the time to try something new, you should go for it.  If your family likes to keep it more laid back, casual and fun, check out these spots for dinner.


Family Weekend

Photo by Lexy Jones

Known for some of the best BBQ in Fort Worth, Woodshed can also boast about a beautiful Trinity River view, which your parents definitely won’t complain about (especially if they’re sipping on a cocktail or marg.) Warning: Woodshed does not take reservations, but the wait will be well worth your time.

Rodeo Goat

Family Weekend

Photo by Courtney Heier

Rodeo Goat is located in the West 7th area and has some of the most outrageous burger options you’ll ever see. It’s also vegetarian-friendly…yeah, you read that right. A veg-friendly burger joint. 

From the Sugar Burger, with caramelized onions and bacon, sweet peaches and jalapeño jam to the Redheaded Stranger, a barley and red quinoa burger with mushrooms and sprouts, there’s no doubt that you’ll find a burger for your taste buds. Oh, and don’t even question the cheese fries. Just do it.

Make sure to order your burger with a salted caramel and pretzel shake and have the rents ask for “adult versions” if you really want to show them a good time.

Joe T. Garcia’s

Family Weekend

Photo by Hayden Hane

Speaking of good times, Joe T Garcia’s is another place where your parents need to start with a drink menu, as their margaritas are delicious, but dangerous. They have just two options on the menu, fajitas, and enchiladas.

I promise, if you get a couple of each for the table, it makes for a super filling and amazing meal. Most people new to Fort Worth will make Joe T.’s one of their first stops, but most veterans make it a frequent stop.


Family Weekend

Photo courtesy of Water’s

If you really want to get your money’s worth, Waters is the best seafood in town. Located in the West 7th area, you can order anything from fish tacos to grilled chicken carbonara. P.S., they have an “I can’t decide” seafood trio that’s perfect for that family member who holds the entire table up when ordering.

Ellerbe Fine Foods

Family Weekend

Photo courtesy of Ellerbe Fine Foods

Another taste of what you pay for is another Magnolia spot, Ellerbe Fine Foods. This is a special place I would recommend for families who are tired of the typical Texas cuisine.

At Ellerbe, the farm to table experience is one that will remind you of a fancy dinner at home. And by home, I mean a home with a huge garden in the yard…

Fort Worth is a great foodie town with many places to go out while enjoying time with family. These meals will, without a doubt, have your family begging to come visit you again.