The time has come ladies and gentlemen, and gnocchi is finally receiving its much needed moment in the spotlight. There is officially a restaurant solely dedicated to making the best homemade gnocchi. Gnoccheria by Luzzo's is located in the East Village and is the first of its kind. Being a gnocchi enthusiast myself, I could not wait to give it a try. 

The small restaurant, tucked away on a quiet side street, is quaint and homey. The decor is just perfect with a few subtle decorations and a wall lined with wine bottles. When the waiter handed me the menu, I felt like I had been brought to gnocchi heaven.

The restaurant features three types of homemade gnocchi—classic potato, spinach, and purple potato—and two types of homemade stuffed gnocchi, mushroom and cheese. Once you pick the type of gnocchi, next come the endless list of sauces. From Quattro Formaggi (four cheese) to Sorrentina (tomato sauce, with fresh mozzarella and basil), the 11 sauces seem like an impossible decision to make. 

Rachel Schneider

After much consideration,  I picked the spinach gnocchi with the Sorrentina sauce. Having tasted a wide array of amazing gnocchi, and, unfortunately not so amazing gnocchi, all I can say is that I was left speechless. The generous portion of gnocchi exceeded my expectations in so many ways. The texture was spot on, and it was cooked to perfection. The little pasta balls were not too hard and not too soft. Furthermore, the sauce did a superb job of complimenting the pasta as well as adding a little more excitement to the dish.

After visiting once, I can assure you that I will be back to Gnoccheria by Luzzo's in the near future to try another gnocchi-sauce combo. Homemade, delicious gnocchi is hard to come by and this restaurant successfully fills the open niche. 

Rachel Schneider

#SpoonTip: Looking to visit Gnoccheria by Luzzo's after seeing my mouthwatering pasts combo? Head over to their website to make a reservation, or check out their hours of operation below.

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