Gluten intolerance has risen across the United States in the past few years—skyrocketing to a population of almost 18 million Americans. Whether it be gluten sensitivity, intolerance or Celiac’s disease, there is a growing population who now have to bypass anything containing the protein, often found in cookies, cake, bread, and other starchy food.

Although dining halls seem to be improving their variety when it comes to gluten-free choices, desserts and other sweet options often come secondary and aren’t offered for the gluten-free population regularly.

Through our own taste tests and talking to others who have scoped out local eateries, we’ve compiled a list of the best gluten-free sweet spots in New Haven to get your fix of baked goods and desserts.

Sugar Bakery

gluten-free sweet spots

Photo by Sierra Conine

Disclaimer: This bakery isn’t technically in New Haven. You can find the Cupcake Wars-winning bakery in East Haven, a mere seven-minute drive away, and I promise you it’s worth it. Sugar Bakery offers over 15 flavors—two of which come in gluten-free options.

Their signature Cannoli cupcake and Pistachio cupcake are available for any gluten-free cupcake lovers. These cupcakes are moist and dense, hard qualities to find when using gluten-free flour, and the icing is good enough to scoop off and eat by itself.

Claire’s Corner Copia

gluten-free sweet spots

Photo by Katie Fletcher

Everyone knows about Claire’s, the homey, vegetarian restaurant on the corner of Chapel and College street. Hidden on the cake-lined, glass-cased counter is a small gluten-free section, almost missable to the average eye. Claire’s offers its signature dessert, Lithuanian Coffee Cake, in a gluten-free version, as well as various muffins and cookies.

Not in the mood for cake? Well for only 50 cents you can ask for a frosting shot, yes that is exactly what it sounds like. A shot-sized serving of Claire’s dense buttercream, this Claire’s hack is probably one of the most incredible and most unknown. Rumor has it you can also get an entire coffee cup filled with frosting.

Crepes Choupette

gluten-free sweet spots

Photo by Ivy Wanta

Almost every local knows about the crepe cart. Usually situated in front of Silliman, this quaint bike-cart can always be enticing on your way to class as you get a whiff of fresh crepe batter and Nutella.

Recently this cart opened a store, which offers gluten-free crepes two days a week. Whether its nutella-banana or white chocolate and raspberry, I highly recommend this Parisian café for when you’re craving something decadent.

Katalina’s Cupcakes

gluten-free sweet spots

Photo by Sierra Conine

This hidden cupcakery is unknown to a lot of Yalies—just a ten minute walk from Old Campus it is located on Whitney street, a few storefronts down from good ol’ TD Heave. This bakery has three or four gluten-free options for cupcakes lovers as well as a dozen flavors for those pro-gluten students out there.

The bakery also offers other baked goods and coffee; the well-lit, white-walled café is a beautiful, aromatic place to go study while indulging in some sugary pick-me-ups.


gluten-free sweet spots

Photo by Sierra Conine

Upon entering this bakery, with its bread-lined counters and walls, one might assume that gluten occupies every corner of the space, but after further perusal you’ll spot their best-seller: the large, dark chocolate, flourless cookie.

You can find them deliciously stacked in a clear jar on the counter and after inquiring to make sure they’re completely gluten-free (they are!) we asked for a few to go. These cookies are full of chocolately flavor with chocolate chunks sprinkled throughout – for all you chocolate lovers out there, I promise these won’t disappoint.