In 2015, Disney launched all new allergy-friendly menus for their restaurants, promising to increase the options for anyone who walks through their doors with a food allergy. For us gluten-free folks, this menu welcomed all the Disney staples back into our lives: chicken strips, French fries, pizza, burgers, and even desserts.

While this news alone makes being gluten-free in Disney World seem less horrifying, the magic keeps coming. Even the specialized restaurants are offering gluten-free versions of their dishes, so you don't have to settle for the chicken nuggets for every meal. From quick-service to fine dining, here's a list of the most magical gluten-free Disney World eats.

Quick Service Options

Below are some of the gluten-free options that can be found at any of the quick service restaurants throughout the four parks. Just let the cashier know you have an allergy, and your food will come out on a special, colored tray, hand-delivered to you by one of the kitchen managers. Not sure where to start? Check out one of these restaurants: Restaurantosaurus (Animal Kingdom), Liberty Inn (Epcot, America Pavilion), Cosmic Ray's (Magic Kingdom), and ABC Commissary (Hollywood Studios).

Chicken Strips & Fries (Any Park)

With a dedicated gluten-free fryer in every quick-service restaurant, Disney goes above and beyond to accommodate those with gluten-free diets. They created a delicious GF fried chicken strip, instead of taking the easy route and offering plain grilled chicken strips for GF orders. Give your friends a blind taste test, and I guarantee they won't notice the difference.

Hamburger & Fries (Any Park)

Disney partnered with Udi's to offer gluten-free buns at all their parks. You can go for a classic cheeseburger, and head over to the condiments bar to load it up with all your faves. 

Pizza (Any Park)

Pinocchio's Haus (Magic Kingdom), PizzeRizzo (Hollywood Studios) and Pizzafari (Animal Kingdom) all offer quick-service gluten-free pizza options. Play it safe with cheese or pepperoni, or branch out and try the restaurant's "featured pizza" of the day. Feeling like a sit down meal? Head over to Via Napoli in the Italy Pavilion at Epcot for a more formal atmosphere.

Specialized Options

Fly your magic carpet over to some of these other restaurants, which each offer their own unique gluten-free options. Again, just give your server a heads-up. Most restaurants have allergen menus on hand, and those that do not will bring over a manager to work something out for you.

#SpoonTip: If you have the My Disney Experience app, you can add a dietary restriction to your profile, which will appear on any dining reservations you make. 

Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe (Magic Kingdom)

Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe offers all the GF quick-service options, plus a 1/2 rotisserie chicken plate, paired with fresh green beans and mashed potatoes. And their toppings bar is equipped with sauteed mushrooms and onions. Warning: this meal may be big enough to feed two.

Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen (Magic Kingdom) 

Located in Adventureland, this table service restaurant offers naturally gluten-free options for every taste bud. A fan favorite is their Falls Family Falafel appetizer. Also check out the Nile Nellie’s Noodle Bowl, or Crispy Fried Chicken with Citrus Rice.

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe (Magic Kingdom)

Make any day at Disney Taco Tuesday. Opt for the chicken, beef, or veggie rice bowl or salad, and then head over to their toppings bar and load up on (free!) guac, corn salsa, pico and cheese. Muy delicioso!

Columbia Harbour House (Magic Kingdom)

After exploring under the sea with Ariel, head over to Columbia Harbour House for some quality seafood.

#SpoonTip: When ordering the grilled salmon, make sure you let them you are gluten-free, so they sub out the couscous for French fries or more steamed veggies.

Liberty Tree Tavern (Magic Kingdom)

Unlike most buffets in Disney that carry extremely high price tags due to their Character Experiences, here you can get the all-you-can-eat experience for just $35. They have an allergy menu available upon request, and the wait staff will work with you to navigate the buffet. They will even make you a custom dish if you don't like the options you have!

Satu'li Canteen (Animal Kingdom)

Satu’li Canteen is Animal Kingdom's newest restaurant, located in Pandora. The build-your-own-bowl restaurant gives you the freedom to build exactly what you want for lunch. Almost every protein, base, and sauce option is gluten-free, just avoid the fish filet and black bean vinaigrette.

Yak & Yeti (Animal Kingdom)

Yes, you can even get a gluten-free Asian dish at Disney! Head over to Yak & Yeti in Asia for a wide variety of gluten-free options, from apps to chicken dishes, vegan options, and even desserts. My personal favorite is the vegetable stir-fry with brown bice. It's light enough that I easily have room for their GF Dreamin' of Chocolate Dark and White Layer Cake afterwards.

Flame Tree Barbecue (Animal Kingdom)

Fear not barbecue lovers, Animal Kingdom has GF options for you too! Make your way to Discovery Island to try this Rib and Chicken Combo Platter, served with a side of baked beans and fruit.

50's Prime Time Cafe (Hollywood Studios)

One meal that slipped off my menu since going gluten-free is meatloaf. I was shocked to learn that Cousin Ann's Traditional Meatloaf at 50's Prime Time Cafe can be made GF. Served with mashed potatoes and sauteed veggies, this meal could be straight out of grandma's oven.  

Mama Melrose’s (Hollywood Studios)

This pasta is so tasty, you'll think it came straight from Remy and Linguini themselves. This beauty is a gluten-free and vegan creation, specially designed by the chef. It's penne with cauliflower, sun dried tomatoes, basil, and marinara. Consider it the Chef's Special. Bon Apetit!

Sci-Fi Dine In (Hollywood Studios)

Grab a seat and buckle up for an out-of-this-world dining experience. Watch classic sci-fi movie clips from the comfort of a muscle car-styled table. While a milkshake is a must, start off with the gluten-free Oven-Roasted Turkey Club and Steak Fries.

#SpoonTip: Save some fries to dip in the milkshake.

Garden Grill (Epcot)

If you're like me, you get to Epcot before the World Showcase opens. Take some time to treat yourself to breakfast while you're in the Future World Showcase. And did I mention they have GF Mickey Waffles? Build a plate of all your faves—scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, tater tots, waffles, you name it. And then finish it off with a GF muffin.

Coral Reef Restaurant (Epcot)

Just keep swimming through Future World and over to the Coral Reef Restaurant for lunch, where you'll find land and sea options galore. I recommend the Pan-Seared Mahi Mahi with Mango-Shrimp Salsa and Rice. Also, the whole restaurant is surrounded by aquariums, so you may just be joined by Nemo himself.

Rose & Crown (Epcot)

I'll be the first to admit that I thought Epcot would become my least favorite park once I went gluten-free. I didn't realize how many gluten-free food options existed within the World Showcase, including this Cottage Pie at the Britain Pavilion. They also offer GF fish and chips, and traditional corn beef and cabbage. So keep calm and eat on.

La Hacienda de San Angel (Epcot)

Head south of the border, but skip the traditional tacos and go for the New York steak with roasted tomatillo and veggies, toasted queso fresco and corn mashed potatoes. The price tag may be a little higher than tacos, but the bang for your buck is well worth it. Plus, a mariachi band will serenade you while you eat.

Le Celliar (Epcot)

Finish your trip around the world with this maple crème brûlée at the Canada Pavilion. Le Celliar has a full allergy-friendly menu of entrees and apps, but I say skip straight to dessert. Or challenge yourself to try all four of their GF desserts: maple crème brûlée, Camembert cheesecake, chocolate mousse, and the strawberry-basil float. Let me know which is your favorite, eh?

Snacks and Desserts

If you're spending the day at Disney, chances are you'll be walking between 10-20,000 steps. Listen to Mater and make your body "happier than a tornader in a trailer park," with these delicious gluten-free snacks throughout the parks.

Snacks with Character (Any Park)

See, even Mickey wants to be gluten-free! Disney partnered with Enjoy Life to roll out a huge line of gluten-free snacks in 2015, including cookies, snack bars, chocolates, trail mixes, and chips. The cutest part? The packaging features your favorite classic Disney characters. 

Fruit and Vegetable Stands (Any Park)

Stands like Anaheim Produce at Hollywood Studios offer fresh fruits, vegetables, snack boxes, and drinks. Take a snack break in between rides and fuel up with some produce and protein. Because (shockingly), we cannot survive solely on Mickey ice cream and French fries.

Dole Whip (Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom)

The newest addition to Disney's ice cream line is the magical Dole Whip: a dairy-free, pineapple soft serve, served as a float or in a cup. And don't forget to ask for the little party umbrella.

Mickey Ice Cream Bar (Any Park)

Sometimes you just have to stick with the classics. I can almost guarantee that there will be an ice cream stand within eyesight no matter where you are when the sweet tooth strikes. Don't forget to snap a pic.

Allergy-Friendly Cookies & Brownies (Any Park)

There will be Disney visits where you are bundled up with hot cocoa in hand. And everyone deserves a sweet treat to go with their cocoa. Stop by a quick-service or grab-and-go snack station to pickup a GF cookie or brownie.

Macarons (Epcot)

Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie, located in the French Pavilion, offers macarons and other French desserts. The bakery is counter-service, so just make sure you ask the servers what gluten-free options they have available, as nothing is labelled in the cases. Or play it safe and create a beautiful six-pack of macarons.

With all these gluten-free Disney World food options, picking what's for lunch may be just as hard as picking which fast passes to get. Being gluten-free in Disney is easier than you think, and always remember: when in doubt, just ask. The Disney staff is more than happy to help make your trip magical. I mean, after all, it is the happiest place on earth.