You probably know Giada De Laurentis for her amazing Italian cooking on Everyday Italian on Food Network and now, you catch a taste of her cooking in her restaurant at The Cromwell in Las Vegas. But did you know that she was California raised?

Giada’s lived in LA for over 20 years and even earned her Bachelor's Degree at UCLA—no wonder this Italian born chef considers LA her hometown. As a foodie, she knows where the best places in LA are, but some places are just too much for a college budget.

Luckily, Giada has an LA food list she posted on her website which includes places that students can actually afford. Here's a list of her go-to spots when she's in LA that will give us college students a chance to eat like Giada, even on a budget.

Bay Cities Italian Deli 

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It may seem hard to find the perfect Italian restaurant considering that Giada gets the chance to travel to Italy to eat some must-try Italian dishes. Nevertheless, Giada writes that Bay Cities Italian Deli is a “fantastic lunch spot."

Want to eat like Giada? She suggests the Godmother Sandwich with mild peppers or Hot Pastrami Sub on a fresh Italian roll. Trust her on this one. 


On Giada’s website, she describes Poke-Poke as “the best bang for your buck." The best part is that it’s made to order so you can customize your own bowl.

Poke is definitely a 2016 trend so if you haven't tried a poke bowl yet, this is definitely a great spot to try your first bowl.

#SpoonTip: Not a fan of rice? For about $2 extra, you can substitute the rice for extra fish.

Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop

Sandwiches are definitely a college meal but Capriotti's doesn't just make any typical sandwich—they want to capture the hearts of the "true turkey lovers" and their unique turkey sandwiches do the trick.

Giada recommends either a small Bobbie (turkey, cranberry sauce, and stuffing on a homemade roll) or a small Capistrami (lean pastrami, Swiss cheese, and coleslaw). 

Abbot Kinney on First Friday

If you’re truly from LA, you know that food trucks are the best and you don’t have to search too far to find them. Abbot Kinney gathers all food trucks to one spot every first Friday of the month.

From tacos to sweet treats, you’ll be able to find some great food for low prices. When you're here, ask yourself, what would Giada do? Well, she’d hit up the Kogi BBQ Taco Truck (and grab some tacos like the one pictured above) before picking up some dessert from Cool Haus. 

Umami Burger

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Giada says “only in LA would you find this kind of burger” and it’s sorta, kinda true. The Umami Burger consists of six savory flavors that all blend together to create a perfect blend of amazing flavors. Watch Giada rave about Umami Burger in a short clip here.

Le Pain Quotidien

Le Pain Quotidien means "the daily bread" but Giada comes here for more than just the bread. Giada’s favorites include the daily vegan soups and the Chicken Cobb Salad.  

Los Angeles Farmers Market

The Los Angeles Farmers Market is filled with many different vendors selling many types of food. As a college student, you're bound to find many stands with great food at great prices. Giada's favorite is crepes from the French Crepe Company. When you're done with your food exploration at the Farmers Market.

#SpoonTip: The Grove is just adjacent of the Los Angeles Farmers Market. So once you're done with your foodie exploration at the Farmers Market, stroll down to The Grove to do some retail shopping or even watch the "dancing fountain."

Pazzo Gelato

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Let's learn a little bit of Italian. Pazzo means crazy and gelato means ice cream; thus Pazzo Gelato translates to crazy ice cream in English. No wonder people like Giada are crazy about this place. 

The gelato is made fresh on the daily and they have an assortment of fruity, savory, and traditional flavors which makes it a must-try. Pazzo Gelato was even featured on an episode of Giada's Weekend Getaway on Food Network. 

Bob’s Coffee and Donuts

Also located in the Los Angeles Farmers Market, Bob's Coffee & Donuts is a great place for some morning pick-me-ups. You know you're getting the best of the best in donuts when reviews from Zagat, U.S.A. Today, and L.A. Weekly rated it one of the top donut shops.

The bakers start as early as 4:30 am every day. So when you come in for your morning cup of coffee, go for a quick sweet treat —you'll know that you'll getting a fresh and a perfect donut.