Jamba Juice and Smoothie Factory always satisfy my serving of fruit for the day, but I love trying new places every once in awhile. So, when I heard my friends talking about these amazing juices, smoothies and açaí bowls at Xoom Juice, I knew I had to try it. 

1. The Açaí Bowls 

milk, chocolate, pistachio, yogurt
Caroline Solomon

The açaí bowls at Xoom are not like ordinary açaí bowls. They are served in cups and basically look like smoothies. However, they taste even better. Pictured above is the Pretty in Pink bowl, which contains apple juice, mangoes, strawberries, hempseed granola and dragon fruit. I highly recommend it, because it is delicious and refreshing. 

2. The Menu

beer, tea, coffee, wine, pizza
Caroline Solomon

There are so many options, it takes forever just to pick what you want. If you are like me, then you want to try everything.

3. Prices

Caroline Solomon

For the quantity and quality of what you get at Xoom Juice, the prices are extremely reasonable, especially since everything is made form the freshest ingredients. Every drink was about six dollars, which isn't bad at all.

4. Location

chocolate, milk, sweet
Photo by Naomi Rivera

Located right off Speedway Boulevard, Xoom Juice is super convenient to get to from campus. Not only are the juices and açaí bowls incredibly flavorful, there are so many options on the menu and everything is reasonably priced. 

5. The Juices

milk, milkshake, coffee, smoothie, cream, ice, sweet
Photo by Caroline Solomon

As I mentioned before, there are so many options available at Xoom Juice. However, there smoothies and juices are extremely fresh and delicious. In addition, they are filled with unique ingredients that make their juices stand above the rest. Pictured above is the Screamcycle, which contains milk, orange juice, mango, peach, and frozen yogurt. These flavors are bursting with juiciness and will guarantee you your Vitamin C fix.

Out of everything I tried at Xoom Juice, I was extremely impressed with all the different options available, and I'm sure you will be too.