It seems as if ice cream and ice cream desserts are getting more creative and crazier than ever with unconventional flavors and completely wild food creations. Well now, Stuffed Ice Cream — a small ice cream shop in Lower East Side Manhattan — is serving the public with these insane ice cream bouquets and Cruffs for us to devour. 

Yanira Rivera

What is a Cruff?

Cruffs are sandwiches created with homemade and freshly-baked glazed donuts sliced in half, and stuffed with ice cream and toppings such as cereal and sprinkles. You can build your own Cruff, or purchase one of Stuffed Ice Cream's signature Cruffs. Some may think this dessert is too sweet, but the crispy glazed donut pairs perfectly with the creamy texture of ice cream. And when the Cruff is assembled, it is hot pressed, so you do not make a big mess when you stuff it in your mouth. Best sandwich ever. 

Crazy Ice Cream Bouquets

There are so many outrageous and delicious ice cream flavors out there, but Stuffed Ice Cream successfully serves their own special flavors such as Cookie Monster, Lavender Vanilla, Fruity Pebbles, Rice Krispies, Royal Milk Tea, and more. Not only are some of their flavors unique, they are absolutely delicious. I have had Thai ice cream in other ice cream places, but this representation at Stuffed Ice Cream was the best because it wasn't too sweet and was authentic. 

With these flavors, you can build your own ice cream bouquet with one, two, three, seven, or more scoops! Just make sure not to drop it. 

So head on over to Stuffed Ice Cream to build your own Cruff or ice cream bouquet. There are other ice cream places that offer similar desserts, such as Stax Ice Cream and Holey Cream, but you should definitely add Stuffed Ice Cream to your ice cream bucket list, and visit there soon.