Sometimes halal and dollar slice just don’t cut it for your late-night drunchies fix—you need something more. Here are 7 delicious eats near NYU that are open past midnight and are sure to satisfy your weirdly specific cravings.

For when you want a mile-high sandwich: Katz’s Delicatessen

late night

Photo courtesy of domiix33 on Instagram.

Katz’s is often overlooked as a late-night destination, but its pastrami sandwiches can, and should, be consumed after midnight. Open 24 hours on weekends, indulge in the famous Jewish deli’s pastrami or corned beef hash sandwiches, which are pricy but totally worth it. Because these sandwiches are monstrous, be sure to pace yourself or share with a friend.

For when you’re dreaming of a pork bun: Baohaus

late night

Photo courtesy of billiejanes on Instagram.

Eddie Huang’s East Village/Union Square hotspot is open until 3 a.m. on Friday and Saturday and serves some of the best Taiwanese steamed buns in Manhattan that feature a variety of fillings. The Chairman Bao comes with pork belly, Haus Relish, crushed peanuts, Taiwanese red sugar, and cilantro, while the Birdhaus Bao packs in natural fried chicken, Haus Seasoning Salt, lemon-garlic aioli, crushed peanuts, Taiwanese red sugar, and cilantro.

For when you need spicy Indian food: Masala Times

late night

Photo courtesy of chubbychinesegirleats on Instagram.

This Greenwich Village spot serves up some mean Indian street food until 3 a.m. on weekdays and 5 a.m. on weekends. You can order from the grill, the pan, or create your own “box.” Their tandoori chicken and lamb sheekh kebab are both excellent options, and are served with salad, saffron rice and paratha. Most of their options are packed with flavor, but even more so, with spice. Be sure to order a Mazaa Mango to relax your taste buds at the end of your meal.

For when you want a hot dog with more than just ketchup: Crif Dogs

late night

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Crif Dogs is perfect for when you can’t make up your mind in the late hours of the night and a step up from Papaya Dog’s classic hotdogs. Do I want bacon, avocado, or sour cream on my dog? Why not all three! The Chihuahua is an insane creation wrapped in bacon and covered in avocados and sour cream. Other dogs come topped with cream cheese, peppercorn, secret chili sauce, and really anything your heart desires at 4 a.m.

For when your stomach is chanting “PIEROGI”: Veselka

late night

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Established in 1954, this East Village staple knows how to whip up some of the most authentic Ukrainian food in all of New York City. Open 24 hours, Veselka is perhaps most popular for their homemade pierogi. While ordering pierogi is always an excellent choice, Veselka also serves delicious breakfast and traditional diner food like challah French toast, perfect for sopping up the night’s PBR.

For when buttery biscuits are calling your name: Empire Biscuit

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Photo courtesy of foodgalnyc on Instagram.

This Alphabet City eatery serves up some delicious biscuit sandwiches 24/7. Their fried chicken biscuit with ranch and pickled tomatoes is a knockout. Other solid options are the bacon and egg biscuit sandwich and the The Lunch Box, a jam sandwich with peanut butter and grape jam.

For when you went to Two Bro’s last night: Joe’s Pizza

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If you aren’t already familiar with Joe’s and you go to NYU, you’re doing something wrong. Joe’s has been serving authentic New York City pizza for nearly 40 years. With two locations in the city, one on Carmine Street and the other on East 14th, you’re probably never far on a night out. It’s an upgrade from your normal Two Bros slice. Get the cheese. You won’t regret it.