Visiting new places is all fun and games till someone gets “hangry.” Don’t be that person. Thanks to fellow Spoonies at the College of Charleston and to the holy Yelp gods, Charleston can be explored sans attitude. Here are four places for when you need to refuel and recharge while touring this beautiful southern city.

1. City Lights Coffee

Photo by Sofía Vainesman

A day of sightseeing simply cannot commence without a cup of joe. This joint is located in the heart of Historic Charleston, and serves as a great starting point for all your activities. Being my #adventurousself, I went for one of the specials, an iced lavender honey latte, and I was thoroughly pleased with my decision. The cafe also has an abundance of other flavors and drinks, just in case you’re not into flowered-tasting stuff.

2. Black Tap Coffee

Photo by Sofía Vainesman

When it’s time for a mid-day caffeine recharge, this trendy cafe right by the College of Charleston campus is a great spot. I got their coffee “cocktail,” the Black Julep. Comprised of espresso, honey and mint, shaken (not stirred) and poured over ice. A refreshing coffee twist on the classic southern cocktail, I can already envision myself as a southern belle sipping my Julep and fanning myself on the porch.

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3. Gaulart & Malicle

Photo by Sofía Vainesman

Your legs are tired and you need to choose which photo to Insta from Rainbow Row. This French community-table seating cafe is ideal for a petit meal. I tried their hot goat cheese on croissant with a tossed salad. Why? Goat cheese + croissant, that’s why. Was it good? Let’s not ask silly questions here.

4. Tavern & Table

Photo by Sofía Vainesman

What could be the perfect way to end a trip to Charleston? Well dining with a local celebrity of course. Technically no, we were not at the same table. Unfortunately no, I could not feed him my delicious array of charred edamame, pretzel pull aparts and dynamite shrimp. But my night was spent dining in the presence of Bravo’s Southern Charm cast member Craig Conover.

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Starstruck, I waited till him and his party left before getting his “autograph.”

Photo by Sofía Vainesman