Tired of dissatisfying fries and need a new fried makeover, or just want to channel your inner child? Well, you are in luck, because your favorite side to any meal from childhood, the tater tot, is making a come back in Nashville and they are bigger and better than ever.

Whether they are traditional or have undergone a delicious makeover, tater tots can be found on almost every menu in Nashville and they are just waiting for you to try them. Go eat these tots. Make Napoleon Dynamite proud.

1. Tater Tot Nachos from Flipside

tater tot

Photo courtesy of theflipside12south.com

Steamy cheese, crunchy bacon, spicy jalapeños, and creamy avocado bring these tater tots to a whole new level. You have to try them to fully understand the level of complexity this tater tot dish reaches.

2. Truffle Tater Tots from Burger Republic

tater tot

Photo by Olivia Benjamin

Truffles and Tater Tots. Need I say more?

3. Tater Tots from The Grilled Cheeserie

tater tot

Photo by Olivia Benjamin

These hot, crunchy bites of deliciousness pair perfectly with any melty grilled cheese.  If you didn’t think a grilled cheese could get better, try pairing it with tater tots. It’s the perfect comfort food combo.

4. Duck Fat Tater Tots from Merchants

Photo by Jay S. Lee

Merchants is killing the tater tot game by preparing these bad boys with duck fat which really bump the classic up to a new sophisticated level. Definitely parent approved.

5. Tater Tots from Pharmacy

tater tot

Photo courtesy of nashvillescene.com

The only thing that makes Pharmacy’s burgers better are their delicious tater tots that pair perfectly with whichever burger you choose.

6. Sweet Potato Tots with Marshmallow Dipping Sauce from Flip Burger Boutique

tater tot

Photo by Gabrielle Levitt

Who doesn’t love sweet potatoes? And who doesn’t love tater tots? Paired with a delectable marshmallow dipping sauce, these ~fancy~ tater tots are almost too good to be true.

7. Tater tots from Commons

tater tot

Photo by Carly Berger

Yep, thats right. Vandy students, you can get tots for breakfast right in your backyard. They are delicious and are guaranteed to bring back memories from your childhood.

So, if you are ever in need of a fried treat, try one of these restaurants and get your tot on.