Stepping up to the front Gourmet Dumpling House amidst a crowd of people waiting for a table, I knew I came to the right place to get my dumpling fix. It’s not dim sum, but this crowded hole-in-the-wall was well worth the wait.

Looking at the menu, anything you could possibly want is there. But what I was most excited about was the extensive dumpling and steamed bun section. Especially, their well-known Xiaolongbao, or “soup dumplings.”

Biting into these soup dumplings was easily the highlight and the hardest part of my day, not to mention absolutely delicious. For those who have never had a soup dumpling- there’s definitely a certain technique to eating them. And Gourmet Dumpling House is the best place in Boston to try them.


Photo by Lauren Siu

I also had to order regular steamed pork dumplings just to see how they compare to other Chinese restaurants that serve them. And after trying them, it’s obvious Gourmet Dumpling House does dumplings the best way. Not only are they a great size, but they’re perfect for sharing, much like their other dishes. Also the sauce served with them is not your average dumpling dipping sauce, it has a small but significant kick to it.


Photo by Olivia Hasse

Our waitress recommended getting the scallion pancakes, as it is one of their most popular appetizers, and I can see why. The scallion pancake had the best texture with a crunchy exterior and soft, flaky interior. Not to mention another great dipping sauce paired with it.

Eating a meal at Gourmet Dumpling House is absolutely an experience everyone should try. Especially if you are looking for a different, off-campus atmosphere for lunch. This authentic, hectic restaurant will give you an experience like no other.