With the end of the semester coming to a close and summer quickly approaching, there’s no better time to escape all your responsibilities and schoolwork to indulge in a nice cold treat. Some days you just need a heaping scoop of ice cream to get you through your stressful day of tests and papers due. Other days all you need is a little fro-yo to tide you over for the weekend.

Since we’re located right in the heart of Boston, college students may find themselves overwhelmed with the endless possibilities to grab a little dessert. Here is a list of where to pick up your next ice cream in Boston based off of your current state of mind.

When you want to break out of the ordinary flavors: Emack and Bolio’s

Ice Cream in Boston

Photo by Nicole Lacasse

Emack and Bolio’s on Newbury is known for their amazing cone selection and ice cream flavors. Their specialty cones are dipped in melted marshmallows then dipped again in an assortment of toppings, from Rice Krispies, Fruity Pebbles, crushed Oreos, nuts, coconut… the list goes on and on.

With ice cream flavors like S’moreo (vanilla ice cream with chunks of Oreos, marshmallows, and a chocolate swirl), Chunk of Funk (caramel ice cream with chocolate covered pretzels and Oreos), and Stoney’s Dream (vanilla ice cream with brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and a fudge swirl), what’s not to love?

When you’re missing being abroad: Amorino

Ice Cream in Boston

Photo by Nancy Chen

Nothing compares to the gelato in Florence or Rome, but these flavors come close. This Italian chain has locations all around the world and brings the best right to your Boston neighborhood. Even if you don’t like gelato, you’ve got to #DoItForTheInsta, because the cones are truly a piece of art.

The rose shaped cones are perfect for anyone that is indecisive (me) and wants to try multiple flavors in one cone without having to get an extra scoop. You can get a different flavor for each petal, which creates a nice array for your palette and allows you to try more flavors without adding on too many calories or dollars, as long is it all fits in the cone.

#SpoonTip: Get the coconut, banana, strawberry, and mango flavors together.

When you want to be somewhat healthy: Pinkberry

Ice Cream in Boston

Photo by Gabby Phi

This is by far one of the best frozen yogurt options out there. Their “original” flavor is a personal favorite of mine as it is a little tart but has undertones of vanilla and pairs well with literally any of the topping choices. Although the health benefits are debatably better than those of ice cream, there’s no harm in justifying this seemingly healthier option.

When you want to try Ben and Jerry’s from somewhere outside of the comfort of your home: Ben and Jerry’s

Ice Cream in Boston

Photo by Nancy Chen

Ben and Jerry’s ice cream scooped from the shop is somehow even more delicious than the pints you can buy at your local market. There’s just something special about having someone else scoop it for you. All of your favorite flavors are available on the spot and you can even splurge and try a little of multiple flavors without committing to the whole pint (win win).

When you feel like cookies with a side of ice cream: Frozen Hoagies

Ice Cream in Boston

Photo by Nicole Lacasse

The Frozen Hoagies ice cream truck travels to a variety of locations throughout Boston, most prominently in the summer. In prime locations like the SOWA market, City Hall Plaza, and Copley Square, it’s hard to miss hitting this truck at least once on a stroll in the city.

The truck specializes in their frozen ice cream sandwiches (obviously), but also offers freshly baked goods and ice cream separately if for some reason you’re not into the blissful combination of the two.

#SpoopTip: Try the mint explosion ice cream between the Nutella stuffed chocolate chip cookies.

When you’re feeling good because it was just pay day: J.P. Licks

Ice Cream in Boston

Photo by Nicole Lacasse

J.P. Licks is a well known favorite within the Boston community. Their flavors are different than your average vanilla and chocolate: their cookie dough ice cream includes not only cookie dough, but also puréed chocolate cookies; their banana cookies and cream ice cream includes over five pounds of fresh, ripe bananas in every batch; and their cookies and cream flavor takes a new twist by going “negative” (it’s milk chocolate ice cream with vanilla cookies).

Although these newfound flavors are delicious, a trip to J.P. Licks can get a bit pricey and is not for those with tight grips on their wallets.

When you’re feeling crafty: Cold Stone Creamery

Ice Cream in Boston

Photo courtesy of @lindsaycappotelli on Instagram

Cold Stone is unique in the way they make their ice cream flavors. As the name suggests, they use a cold stone to mix in different toppings and add-ins to your desired flavor. This not only assures that your ice cream will be perfectly mixed and that you will have a nice balance of ice cream to toppings, but also allows you to personalize your own flavor and add in exactly what you want into your bowl.

Plus, who wouldn’t want to try adding in extra cookie dough into cookie dough flavored ice cream? I, for one, highly recommend it.

When you feel like being adventurous: Gelateria

Ice Cream in Boston

Photo by Emily Palmer

It takes a lot to walk into any pastry shop in the North End and not buy a cannoli. However, with that said, you can’t go wrong with the Italians’ homemade gelato. Mike’s may have the cake (and cookie) for the best cannoli in Boston, but Gelateria takes first place for the best gelato in the city.

So if you feel brave enough to venture to the North End for something other than your original cannoli, go for the Giandui Torin (chocolate hazelnut vanilla) gelato. It won’t disappoint.

When you’re feeling adventurous: Christina’s Ice Cream

Ice Cream in Boston

Photo courtesy of @chebcruz on Instagram

The flavors that Christina’s Ice Cream stirs up are very unique and colorful. Options include kaffir leaf lime, adzuki bean, cinnamon rice pudding, and honey lavender. Why not be courageous and try something new?

When you feel like being the sophisticated adult you are: Toscanini’s

Ice Cream in Boston

Photo courtesy of @patsak on instagram

Not all ice cream treats were meant for kids. Toscanini’s ice cream takes pride in their adult-centered flavors and have a revolving menu dependent on the weather and time of year. To feel like the adult you know you are/supposed to be, try the Ovaltine, Earl Chip, or Mascarpone flavors that any of the kids you babysit for would definitely shy away from.

If you aren’t blessed to have enough time to hit all of these before the end of the semester, fear not, for they will all be here still in fall waiting to welcome you back to the city. Now go out, find your new favorite ice cream joint, spoon the best, and try to avoid any brain freezes.