There ain’t nothin’ like a piping hot NYC bagel. Imposters all over the world have tried to replicate this magical bread product but have failed time and time again. Here’s a list of the dopest bagels in the Big Apple the next time you’re craving 300 calories of pure doughy goodness.

Absolute Bagels

Bagels from Absolute Bagel. #latergram #wishitwasanowgramcauseiwantone

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No fuss bagel places are the best bagel places. For just a buck, you can pick up a chewy and fresh bagel. Make sure to bring cash as that’s the only tender they accept.

Bagel Oasis


Best bagels in NYC #bageloasis #schmear #lox

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Even the name sounds dreamy. This joint is open 24/7 which means that you’re not the only weirdo craving a bagel at 3 am. We’ll forgive them for being all the way out in Queens because these all-natural bagels are well worth the trip. If you’re not down for the trek, this bagel recipe will satisfy ANY drunchie craving.

Bagel Pub

Ever wanted to eat a bagel the size of your head? Head on over to Bagel Pub in Brooklyn. Not only are their bagels utterly MASSIVE, but they’re yummy AF.

Bergen Bagels


Bergen Bagels has some bomb-ass cream cheese. We’re talkin’ tofu sun dried tomato, blueberry, feta pesto, habanero and apple cinnamon. Raise your hand if you want them all. Check out these ways to do some other cool shit with your cream cheese.

Black Seed Bagels

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Do you like pretzels? Do you like bagels? Cool, these bagels taste like a pretzel so win-win if you’re into that. Spoon even has their own article on Black Seed, so you know it has to be good.

Brooklyn Bagel and Coffee Company


This place won Buzzfeed’s Best Bagel competition, so you know they’re doing something right. People go nuts over the irbagels so join the madness ASAP and try it for yourself.


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Weird name, great bagels. Legend has it that these bagels are so yummy that they don’t even need cream cheese or butter or any other topping to be enjoyed. SAY WHA?

Kossar’s Bialys


#게이퍼레이드 로 인한 5번가 통제로 NYC의 교통지옥을 제대로 경험한 하루…. ㅠ 바쁜 도시에 오면 나도 덩달아 바빠진다는 진리처럼 정신없이 하루가 가네요. 그래도 딱 한가지 기분 좋은 사실은 #뉴욕베이글 은 아무데나 맛있다…. 였습니다 저한테 무지 친절했던 #게이쉐프 가 열심히 만들어준 이름없는 베이커리의 #연어샌드위치 가 향긋하고 감칠맛 나는 하루를 시작하게 해주었습니다 #뉴욕베이글은맛있다 요것은 진실인 걸로….ㅎㅎ #베이글은꼭토스트해야함 정말 유명하다는 베이글 전문점은 어떨 지 무지 궁금해져버렸어요 ㅎㅎㅎ #essAbagel #blackseedbagel #kossarsbialys 중에 한군데는 꼭 먹어봐야겠어요 #먹스타그램 #뉴욕 #베이글 #뉴욕베이글 #연어베이글 #5번가 #NYC #NewYork #5thanenue #bagel #salmon #salmonbagel @lets_eat_at_here

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So their website may seem like it is from the 1980’s, but don’t let that discourage you. These bagels are NOM-NOM good. Again, this place doesn’t f with condiments or cream cheese so don’t even ask unless you want to be a major square.

Murray’s Bagels

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Murray’s is changing to game by refusing to toast your bagel. In their eyes, it destroys the freshness and plumpness of the bagel. We’ll take their word for it.

Russ & Daughters

If you love lox, look no further. Russ & Daughters has some damn tasty lox waiting to be slopped onto a bagel and housed by you. The tender bagels ain’t so shabby either. This place also proves that lox can be enjoyed when it’s not Passover.