When Vincenzo Tettamanti makes gelato, the most important ingredient is passion.

Vincenzo, the owner of Gemelli Gelato and Dessert Cafe, came to the United States just seven years ago and has already made a name for himself. “When I opened Gemelli, I really wanted to bring part of my country to West Chester. That’s why I designed this store this way and made my product this way. The ingredients I use and the philosophies I have are exactly like I would do in Italy”.

“With Gemelli, I wanted to create something that is authentic and true to my country”. The history of gelato dates back many centuries ago with origins in Italy. Gemelli’s authenticity is apparent from the moment you walk in.

His passion is obvious when he takes the skills he gained while training in Italy to produce a quality product with fresh, local, and organic ingredients. That’s why he makes all of his gelato in the back of the store daily. His ideas, passion, and values have led his café to become extremely successful in a short period of time.

Vincenzo noticed that the art of gelato had been lost, so he wanted to bring it back to life again. “As far as the gelato and the dessert goes, it’s almost a lost art. Some use pre-made powders and pre-made flavors. What I do is make everything from scratch”. He makes all of his delicious ingredients for each flavor right in the back of the store, from the poached blueberries he puts in his newest flavor, to the classic caramel and peanut butter.

In the back of the store, he also hosts classes that are open to the public. The classes that are held every Thursday night are an opportunity for Vincenzo to meet with others and show them how a healthier dessert can be made. “We make two gelato flavors and I work with the students to create the flavors completely from scratch. It’s a good opportunity to educate others about frozen desserts and how it should be made”.

There’s a reason why Vincenzo’s mint flavor is white- because there is no colorants added to it. “We show, we tell you, we advertise what we use. There is a very short ingredient list”.

Vincenzo’s inspiration behind his newest flavor was to try and recreate a classic dessert with an Italian twist. His newest flavor, Blueberry Cheesecake, uses fresh mascarpone cheese. All of the other components of this creation are made right in the store, from the blueberry sauce to the butter crust.

Although it may be time consuming to make, the home made ingredients he uses make it all worth it. “Poaching the local New Jersey blueberries into a sauce takes seven or eight hours. Then we fold it into the gelato and put it on top as a decoration. We make the butter crust here which is the base of many of the desserts”.

“Being from Italy and always around these products, I couldn’t strive for anything less”. Vincenzo indeed gives his customers the highest quality possible. “I care about offering a quality product. I could just buy stuff like everyone else does but at the end of the day, it’s not the same”.

The Gemelli experience is a reflection of Vincenzo himself. As you enter the spacious aquamarine blue and white cafe, you immediately notice all of the photos of Vincenzo’s hometown of Ferrara, Italy. “There’s plenty of seating so customers can relax and enjoy the desserts”.

Gemelli is open daily at 12 West Market Street, West Chester PA for customers to enjoy the most authentic gelato and espresso around.