Saint Louis University's food scene is extremely diverse. SLU has a wide array of restaurants around campus from chain restaurants like Subway, Qdoba, Panera, and Jamba Juice to many other independent cafés. In addition to these great restaurants, SLU excitedly welcomed Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh, the newest on-campus spot serving Mediterranean food this Fall. 

Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh has many locations, a few of them in the St. Louis area, and their newest location being in SLU’s Billiken's Lair at Fusz Hall. Garbanzo specializes in classic staples of Mediterranean food, such as falafel, gyros, tabbouleh, and hummus. In addition, they offer chicken, steak, and a vegetarian option of a portobello mushroom. 

Sarah Siebels

Building Your Meal

When building your meal at Garbanzo, you first choose whether you want a stuffed pita, wrap, salad, or plate. Once you make that decision, you go through the assembly line and add any vegetables, meat, rice, and sauces to create your ideal Mediterranean meal.

I decided to check out what the fuss was about and built a plate with the extensive variety of ingredients they had to offer. I started with lettuce, the cucumber and tomato salad, and hummus. When I moved on to the meat/vegetable base, I added chicken, sautéed onions, sautéed squash, and peppers. Finally, I topped my plate off with feta cheese, tahini dressing, and a side of pita bread. While my plate was relatively simple, there are so many different combinations that SLU students can create at Garbanzo.

Garbanzo's Philosophy

Not only is Garbanzo the perfect new place to eat on SLU’s campus, but is also has an awesome philosophy on the food they serve. There are three things that Garbanzo embraces when they serve their customers. The first is “Rooted in Heritage,” where they emphasize authentic ingredients and family recipes. Second, they embrace that “Simple Has Always Been the Best,” where they use simple flavors sourced from natural ingredients. Lastly, they embrace “A Perfect Balance,” where they provide “a balanced blend of flavor and nutrition” to make sure customers enjoy a fresh and tasty meal.

My Thoughts

I was incredibly impressed with my experience at Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh. As a person who does not usually gravitate towards Mediterranean flavors, I would, with no doubt, eat there regularly. The meal was fresh and flavorful, as promised in their philosophy. I think this promise to only serve authentic, fresh, and balanced ingredients in their meals is amazing and they have definitely proved that true.

As a college student, a fresh and flavorful meal is hard to find, but Garbanzo just made it easy for SLU students. Further, at the time I went, they were fully stocked on all of the ingredients that were available on the menu, which makes it perfect for on-the-go students in search of some study fuel. So, overall, Garbanzo is a 10/10 would recommend. 

SLU students, from first years to seniors, are extremely enthusiastic about Garbanzo’s arrival on our campus. We look forward to seeing students get out of their comfort zone and try new Mediterranean foods! Go check it out!