Attention all Gainesville java junkies...

Yes, you.

For college students, the promise of a morning cup of joe might be the only thing standing in between a productive day or continuing to press snooze, like clockwork, well into the afternoon. But for most, jam-packed tables and snaking lines—at nearly every coffee shop—don’t exactly mesh with the swamped schedule of a Gator. Don’t lose hope. Gainesville has more to offer than overcrowded coffee chains and cramped café-crazes.

Here’s what’s brewing off the record:

1. Curia on the Drag: Gainesville java for the free spirit, the artist, the espresso enthusiast.

Just north of campus, this tasteful nook offers the solidarity, esoteric feel, and killer cortado perfect for channeling some creativity. With business hours to accommodate both the early bird and the night owl, 7 a.m. to midnight, you can settle in at a shaded, outdoor table by day and on the indoor sofa seat or coffee bar by night.

Shelby Cohron

Barista’s Blend: Try a Cortado with caramel, Curia’s concoction of equal parts espresso and hot milk, with a careful touch of caramel.

Shelby Cohron

2.  Wyatt’s Coffee: Gainesville java for the chic contemporary, the modern intellectual, the cold brew connoisseur.

Midtown’s hidden treasure, located behind Fork & Pasta, offers premium small-town service with a twist of fresh style, and an original cup of cold brew. The perfect place to accomplish a heaping afternoon workload, Wyatt’s welcomes you from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day.

Shelby Cohron

Barista’s Blend: Try the Ethiopian bean, cold brewed. Unlike any other in Gainesville, Wyatt’s cold brew is made using a state-of-the-art, Japanese technique, where the beans are fully heated, flash frozen, and nitrogen infused before serving.

Shelby Cohron

3. Vine Organic Bakery and Café: Gainesville java for the old soul, the earnest worker, the bold, black bean drinker.

Just northeast of campus, Vine’s fresh, handmade bread, is as warm as an afternoon lost in its homey atmosphere, welcoming customers from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., most days. However, along with offering a savory snack and a sliver of home away from home, Vine’s craft draft cold coffee can convert any latte lover into a bold, black bean drinker. With a different bean on tap every day, the café's selection includes the Guatemala Quetzaltenango, Hair Raiser, Mexico Oaxaca Decaf, Peru Sol y Café, and Ethiopia Yirgacheffe.

coffee, chocolate, sweet
Shelby Cohron

Barista’s Blend: Try the craft draft cold coffee on tap to complement a pastry, fresh out of the oven.

pastry, sweet, bread, cake, strudel, pie, dough
Shelby Cohron

So, next Monday morning don’t fear your early morning alarm, but instead have hope for a day full of rad vibes and rich Gainesville java.