Calling all brunch fans! If fresh ingredients, open-air seating, or artsy breakfast pics are your thing, Cafe Hollander should be next on your list. 

Originating in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Cafe Hollander was an immediate hit, and now has several locations throughout the state including restaurants in Milwaukee, Wauwatosa, and Madison. 

Outside of serving delicious food, one of the highlights of this European-style cafe is the warm ambiance which is made possible by cozy leather booths, greenery, and tons of natural light. In combination with beautifully plated food and cocktails, the inviting atmosphere of Cafe Hollander makes the restaurant perfect for a meal with friends, family, or a date. Plus, it offers some pretty artsy photo ops.

Cafe Hollander is a Benelux-inspired cafe, drawing influences from the cafes of Belgium, The Netherlands, and Luxembourg (Benelux is like a ship name, but for countries). From frites (aka fries) in paper cones to bicycles hanging from the ceiling, it is easy to feel the European roots of the restaurant. 

In addition to remaining true to the their Benelux roots by offering dishes such as moules frites (steamed mussels served with a baguette), Cafe Hollander is committed to purchasing many of their ingredients from local Wisconsin farms, including their dairy, maple syrup, and coffee.  Cafe Hollander also offers a variety of vegetarian dishes and can tweak many of their popular dishes to be gluten-free. 

On to the food! Whether you are stopping in for brunch, dinner, or a quick appetizer, there is something for you to try. 


1. Cheese Curds

A staple in the diet of any Wisconsinite. For those who are afraid of hot sauce, the Sriracha dipping sauce is tangy and only mildly spicy. It pairs well with the cheese curds and helps cut through some of the richness of the dish. 

2. Goat Cheese Bruschetta 

A mix of creamy goat cheese, fresh cherry tomatoes, and tangy balsamic vinegar all on a French baguette, this bruschetta is a must for anyone who enjoys Caprese-inspired dishes. Perfect for sharing with a friend, this dish is also big enough to eat as an entree.  


3. Cinnamon Streusel French Toast

Anna Stalsberg

If coffee cake could be translated into French toast, this would be it. Topped with a cinnamon streusel topping and homemade orange butter, this French toast is an elevated version of classic French toast that is just as delicious. 

4. Fresh Berry Waffle

Anna Stalsberg

Topped with berries and creme fraiche, this waffle is an elegant upgrade to the classic whipped cream and syrup. The only downside? There's only one waffle. Side note: am I the only one that feels there is a great injustice being done by giving someone multiple pancakes but only one waffle?

5. Hollander Potatoes

Anna Stalsberg

In a spin on classic breakfast potatoes, the Hollander potatoes feature a mix of sweet potatoes, yellow Yukon potatoes, and purple potatoes that offers a mix of tastes and textures. The potatoes pair well with the other breakfast options, as well as adding some color to your food pictures (Exhibit A).

Lunch & Dinner

6. Bacon Avocado Chicken

This warm hand-held features chicken, bacon, avocado, tomato, arugula, and sriracha ranch wrapped in flatbread. It is a delicious mix of spicy and fresh that is offset by the crispy frites served on the side.

7. Macaroni and Cheeses

Morgan Pence

For those of us who want to indulge our inner child, the Macaroni and Cheeses is calling your name. A mix of cream and crunch, this Mac n Cheese is fancy enough to be called dinner, but still tastes like the same old comfort food. 

8. Big Smokey

Anna Stalsberg

Last but not least is the bacon cheeseburger's cooler cousin, the Big Smokey. Topped with avocado, gouda, and smoked chipotle aioli (notice a trend here with the spicy spreads?), this burger is a twist on a classic, hearty burger. 

Interested in trying Cafe Hollander? Find out if there is a location near you here. You can also check the brunch and dinner menus here