Adjacent to the Fairfield bookstore downtown, Freshii Fairfield is perfect for any fellow stags taking the Stag Bus. Only open since last year, Freshii has already been made an essential go-to as the greenest restaurant in downtown. Freshii prides itself on its small stores as they use less materials, are more eco-friendly, and help promote their company’s mission.

Burritos All Around

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While I’m always down for Chipotle, Freshii offers more than the mere five toppings at Chipotle.  My personal favorite is the Baja Burrito filled with quinoa, avocado, red onions, cilantro, green onions, cabbage, salsa, and pico de gallo. If you can’t find something you like, you also have the ability to customize any of the meals on the menu to your perfection.

Need to Try: Baja Burrito and Spicy Thai

An Expensive V8

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While the food on the menu is comparable to that of Chipotle, the juices and smoothies are another story. Their juices are definitely not for your average college student on a budget. Clocking in at $6, you may want to stick to some water instead.  But if you do decide to “treat yo self” check out:

Need to Try: Berry Burst Smoothie and Green Energy Juice

¡Bowl(ing for Soup)s!

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The pinnacle of Freshii has to be the bowls. Seated in an bio-degradable bowl, Freshii loads up on all natural ingredients and hormone and antibiotic-free meats.  The Mediterranean bowl will make you rethink any other bowl you’ve had.

Need to Try: Mediterranean and Pangoa


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While Freshii may be a little pricier than your average “fast-food” restaurant, they make up for it with their diverse menu customizable to any dietary restrictions or allergies. Freshii aims to offer the best local produce with each meal made fresh to offer.

Make sure to check out Freshii next time you’re sick of Barone (a.k.a. all the time), where you can also pay for your meal with Stagbucks! Check out the rest of the menu here.