Here in Lewisburg, we have the luxury of experiencing the one and only Lewisburg Freeze. The ability to satisfy all of our dessert cravings whipped into an oversized flurry-like consistency is one that we long for when The Freeze comes to a close. This ice cream stand touches the hearts of ice cream lovers everywhere, whether it be the classic Freeze, soft serve, chocolate a dipped banana or a signature sundae.

When the sad day comes that the lights are turned off and the windows go black, you may ask yourself “where can I get a frozen treat that will satisfy my desire for The Freeze?” Luckily, there are some other places that may just give you the chills.

1. May’s Drive In



Photo by Avid Khorramian

Just over the bridge on Market Street, May’s Drive In is an awesome dive near campus. Opened in 1966, May’s rustic exterior interests all who pass by. Once you approach the outdoor window or indoor restaurant,  customers are blown away by the excellent food and more importantly, the excellent ice cream.

With over 30 flavors of soft serve ice cream, May’s is a sweet ending to any long day of exams or strenuous Netflix binging. Ice cream flavors range from banana and pistachio to the classic chocolate and vanilla. Whether you choose a more exotic flavor or traditional one, the ice cream is made fresh and on site every day.

Obviously no ice cream dessert is complete without having at least one out of the many toppings offered at May’s. Toppings include sprinkles, peanut butter cups, brownies and way more.  There is also the option to blend your decadent treat into a milkshake, supersize it into a sundae or mix it up into a flurry. I go to May’s specifically for the classic soft serve flavors dipped in a hardening chocolate shell with rainbow sprinkles.

Both indoor and outdoor seating is provided at May’s and both have an amazing view of the Susquehanna River. Enjoying your frozen treat in this time warp of a structure becomes a far more enjoyable experience than sitting in the caf, especially if you happen to catch the sun setting. No matter what the weather, May’s Drive In always has me feeling like a 10 year old on a warm summer day.


Location: 2675 Pennsylvania 405, Milton, PA 17847
Hours of Operation: 6am-8pm daily

2. The Purple Cow


Photo by Ella Storey

If you are looking for a roadside pitstop for some quick soft serve, then The Purple Cow is totally the place for you. There is no hard ice cream at this little shack near the highway but the 3 main soft serve flavors don’t disappoint.

The Purple Cow is known for its peanut butter soft serve and the unique soft serve flavor of teaberry. With a variety of toppings and cones (yes, even a pretzel cone) there is always a way to dress up these simple yet mouth watering flavors. One highly recommended topping is what the stand calls “crunchlets.” Crunchlets are a symbiotic mixture of both sprinkles and nuts.

The shop is located near many amazing restaurants on the countryside of Lewisburg, like La Primavera and Ard’s Farm.  The Purple Cow is an amazing place to hit on your back to campus from dinner or lunch OR snack. Since this hidden gem is road side, there is only seating outside the facility so definitely make sure you have a cozy car to enjoy your dessert in if it’s too chilly to sit outside. Although small, The Purple Cow has a big punch of flavor.


Location: 4716 Old Turnpike Road, Lewisburg, PA 1783
Hours of Operation: 9am-11pm daily

3. Lickety Split

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Contrary to the ice cream of The Purple Cow, Lickety Split is better known for its hard ice cream. Normally, a Bucknellian would never give kudos to Penn State but it’s no wonder this ice cream is so delicious because it comes straight from the Penn State Creamery.

Cookies and cream, espresso, cheesecake and about 22 other flavors make this shop a complete package because it simply has something for everyone, yes even that picky friend who only like vanilla ice cream. For under $4, you can satisfy your creamy cravings during any month out of the year.

Conveniently located in one of the main shopping centers on Route 15, Lickety Split is more modern than the other ice cream shops of Lewisburg. After stocking up some much needed groceries from Walmart or browsing some of the antique shops, Lickety Split has a comforting atmosphere where you can lounge around and savor every last bite of your ice cream. It’s a just a great place to try and lick away the regret of how much money you just wasted on dorm room snacks.


Location: 199 AJK Boulevard, Lewisburg, PA 17837
Hours of Operation: 11am-9pm daily

4. Street of Shops


Photo by Ella Storey

Last on our ice cream tour around Lewisburg, our journey would not be complete without a blast from the past. Street of Shops has all the epic ice cream treats that can be found at an old fashion 50s diner. Thick shakes, banana splits, root beer floats, and ice cream sundaes encompass all the rich flavors that ice cream should possess.

These traditional combinations can brighten even the darkest of days. Down on North Water Street, this well kept secret is only blocks away from campus and is worth every bite. The amazing diner classics of pancakes and waffles are served all day and are perfectly accompanied by a classic shake or sundae.

In the same building, 125 small shops surround the mock 50s diner. Ice cream is the perfect compliment to a leisurely stroll through the corridors of this indoor shopping center.


Location: 100 North Water Street Lewisburg, PA 17837
Hours of Operation: 7am – 3pm Mon – Thurs, 6am – 8pm Friday, 6am – 4pm Saturday, 6am – 4pm Sunday