Halloween is right around the corner, and what better way to get spooky this season than by visiting Fort Fright at Fort Henry right here in Kingston, Ontario? Take a break from your midterm studying and let the ghosts and ghouls of Forth Fright scare you this October. Fort Fright ranked #6 on a list of the scariest haunts in Ontario, and is considered one of the top haunted houses in North America. You can rest assured that it's worth checking out. 

The only question is, do you have what it takes to make it out alive? Rain or shine, you can test your phobias and fears by facing nightmares like death, decay, zombies, toxic waste zones, and clowns—just make sure to wear your running shoes.


There is more to Fort Fright than just the legendary haunted walk. This year, try out Fort Fright's escape game from Improbable Escapes. The theme is mad labs, and your team will be tasked with defeating an evil scientist. This activity is family-friendly, and a great way to bond with your siblings, parents or roommates over fall break.

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be buried alive? No need. You can get a better idea by trying Fort Fright's coffin ride. This simulation is a great way to end your tour terrified. If being buried alive isn't already your biggest fear, it might be after this.

If you still want to experience Fort Fright without as much scare, don't panic. Fort Fright offers "safe amulets" for $5 that will protect you from direct scares, and ensure that the Fort Fright actors keep their distance.


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Why not start your haunted evening by dining at Fort Fright? Have dinner at the Battery Bistro, or grab a snack at the Harvest Hut. The Fort Fright menu offers delicious festive foods like autumn harvest soup, but also classics like the battery burger or Fort Henry's salmon. For those with a sweet tooth, they even have dessert. Plus, the Battery Bistro is licensed to sell beer and wine.


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From October 4-7 and 11-14, Fort Fright is open from 7:00-10:00PM. Closer to Halloween, from October 18-31, Fort Fright is open nightly from 6:30-10:00PM. No tickets are sold after 9:30PM, so make sure to be on time. You can purchase tickets online here to avoid the risk of the tour being sold out when you arrive.

General admission is only $16. However, if you have military status or are part of a big group—consisting of 20 or more people—admission is $14. There are also combo prices if you want to visit "The Otherworld," a family-friendly enchanted world that only exists in the fall. You can also pay an additional $15 on top of general admission to get the "Total Scare Package," which includes the haunted walk, escape game, and coffin ride.

Visiting this transformed military fortress is the perfect way to prepare for the spooky holiday. So, if you're not too scared already, head down to Fort Henry for a haunted walk, escape game, coffin ride, or all of the above to get in the Halloween spirit. For more information, visit Fort Henry's website or Fort Fright itself. Happy Halloween!