By chance, I stumbled upon a product at my local grocery store. I was looking for something healthy to make, but as a college student, I needed a minimum effort meal. I decided to take a chance on a packaged mix of beans and seasoning labeled Toni's 10 Bean Soup Mix. Only once I got home did I realise that this product was part of a much larger project based out of Denver, CO, called the Women's Bean Project

The start of the Women's Bean Project

Josepha “Jossy” Eyre grew up under Nazi control in the Netherlands and experienced a true sense of hopelessness. When she moved to Denver, she soon realised that the homeless women of the city also felt like they were powerless to change their situations. With $500 worth of beans, Eyre founded the project and started employing the homeless women of Denver.

Their Mission

The Women's Bean Project aims to empower women who would otherwise feel stuck in a hopeless situation. Their employees include convicted felons, recovering addicts, victims of domestic violence, teen moms, and high school drop outs. Within six to nine months, these women are trained in useable skills which they can use to progress their lives.

Women who have been employed by the Women's Bean Project testify on how their lives have completely changed by being a part of this company. With the skills and confidence gained through this program, women have the power to change their lives forever. 

"With each purchase, you’re helping women break the cycle of poverty and chronic unemployment" - The Women's Bean Project

Their Products

The Women's Bean Project doesn't stop at bean soup. They have a huge variety of gourmet bean soups, chilis, cookie & brownie mixes, bread mixes, salsa & spice rubs, marinades, dip mixes, instant teas, Organic Fair Trade Coffees, and sweets. Better yet, all of their products contain no artificial ingredients or preservatives and most are certified Kosher and gluten free. They also make handcrafted jewellery.

Where can you find their products?

Their products are sold in almost 1,000 retail and grocery stores, even outside of Colorado. You can pick up their products at King Soopers, Safeway (Colorado locations only), and Ten Thousand Villagers. You can also find their products for sale online on their website, Amazon, Overstock, Walmart, and Sam's Club.

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