Montreal is every foodie’s dream city with the most restaurants per capita in Canada, and the second most after New York in  North America. Not to mention, Montreal draws its #foodspiration from the all the cultures of the people that live here.

Here is a list of the Montreal restaurants and food trucks that Food Network’s “You Gotta Eat Here!” and “Eat St.” have deemed as must eat.

1. Boîte à FromagesEat St.


Photo courtesy of Boîte à Fromages

Boîte à Fromages (cheese box) is a food truck that specializes in all sorts of dishes smothered with melted Raclette cheese which is a semi-firm cow’s milk cheese. Every dish from meat and potatoes to apples and pecans receive a generous helping of melted deliciousness before it is served.

Average plate: $10
Dish to try: Shredded Beef Raclette
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2.  PoutinevilleYou Gotta Eat Here!


Photo courtesy of Poutineville

The name of the restaurant is pretty much enough said as Poutineville is a restaurant solely based on the Montreal classic: poutine. The toppings and combinations are endless and if you feeling exceptionally hungry, they offer a dish called the heart attack poutine (as shown above), which weighs in at a whopping 15 lbs.

Average plate: $12
Dish to try: Heart Attack Poutine

3. St-Viateur Bagel TruckEat St.


Photo by Nikhil Tangirala

St-Viateur has stepped up its game and is now serving bagels on wheels. Whether or not you are looking to buy a dozen bagels for breakfast or grab a classic bagel and lox sandwich, this food truck has got your back.

Average plate: $6
Dish to try: The Traditional Bagel
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4. Restaurant L’AvenueYou Gotta Eat Here!


Photo courtesy of Sameer Vasta at

L’avenue is easily one of the most popular brunch places in the Plateau region of Montreal and is known for their eggs Benedict dishes. Be sure to arrive early as the restaurant fills up quick and by 11 am there is most likely a line out the door.

Average plate: $12
Dish to try: Any Eggs Benedict Dish

5. Icehouse You Gotta Eat Here!


Photo courtesy of “You Gotta Eat Here!” by Food Network

For some Southern classics, Icehouse is the place to go in Montreal. Known as a Tex-Mex restaurant, it has everything from tacos, to ribs, and fried chicken, not to mention all your fixins.

Average plate: $12
Dish to try: Bucket Service: Fried Chicken with biscuits, coleslaw and smoked potato salad

6. Grumann78Eat St.


Photo courtesy of Grumman78

Both a food truck and a full service service restaurant, Grumman 78 serves up Mexican inspired dishes that are simple, fresh and executed with a refined touch. While the restaurant can be found on the western edge of St. Henri, the food truck can often be found on Rue Victoria near McGill.

Average plate: $12
Dish to try: Banh Mi Taco
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7. Camion Au Pied du Cochon Eat St.


Photo courtesy of Camion Au Pied du Cochon

With a restaurant located off St. Denis, Au Pied du Cochon has hit the streets with their gluttonous food truck. Known for excess, the Camion au Pied du Cochon is no different and is the only food truck that serves fois gras poutine, beignets, and hotdogs on brioche buns.

Average plate: $8
Dish to try: Fois Gras Poutine
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8. Pizzeria NapoletanaYou Gotta Eat Here!


photo courtesy of Pizzeria Napoletana

For traditional, authentic Napels style pizza, Pizzeria Napoletana is the place to go. Open since 1948, the third generation owners of Pizzeria Napoletana continue to make their family’s traditional pasta dishes and pizzas.

Average plate: $15
Dish to try: Toscana Pizza

9. Chez ClaudetteYou Gotta Eat Here!


Photo courtesy of Chez Claudette

Chez Claudette is your go-to casual, greasy diner. This is the place to go to satisfy your midnight munchies, which of course, is poutine.

Average plate: $10
Dish to try: Classic Quebec Poutine

10. Pas d’cochon Dans Mon SalonEat St.


Photo courtesy of Pas d’cochon Dans Mon Salon

By far, Pas d’cochon Dans Mon Salon serves up the best pulled pork in Montreal, and from a food truck too. The pork is smoked in a truck side smoker made by the trucker owners, braised for hours, then tossed in a house made BBQ sauce before a generous helping is stuffed between a bun.

Average plate: $6
Dish to try: Pulled Pork Sandwich
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11. Cacao 70 You Gotta Eat Here!


Photo: Ashley Marzouca

It’s a restaurant that specializes in chocolate, is there anything else that is important to know? Cacao 70 is a restaurant Willy Wonka would be proud of and is every chocoholic and dessert addicts’ dream come true.

Average plate: $10-15
Dish to try: Marshmallow and Nutella Pizza: 1/2 pie for two

12. Landry & Filles Eat St.


Photo courtesy of Landry & Filles

Both a food truck and now a snack bar on the Plateau Mont-Royal, Landry & Filles delivers a unique perspective of Canadian food, specifically food from New Brunswick. Their food is based off of familiar classics such as carrot cake and meatloaf but are distinctive and absolutely delicious.

Average plate: $10
Dish to try: The Deluxe Meatloaf Sandwich
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13. Chaud Dogs – Eat St.


Photo courtesy of Chaud Dogs

Chaud Dogs, a food truck elevating the lowly hot dog into multiple refined variations such as the puttanesca dog, the wu dog, and the schwarma dog. Every hot dog is house-made from pork and beef shoulder, and the buns are made from scratch as well.

Average plate: $7
Dish to try: Chaud Dog Corn Dog
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14. Super Truck – Eat St.


Photo courtesy of Super Truck

Although the Super Truck is not run by superheroes, they serve flavourful twists on dishes that pack quite the punch. Dishes range from Thai styled crispy pork belly to Mexican influenced smoked duck breast tacos.

Average plate: $6
Dish to try: Fried Mac and Cheese

15. Léché Desserts You Gotta Eat Here!

Photo by Prairie Broughton

These donuts may be a bit of a trek to locate, however they are worth the effort. Léché Desserts’ delivers artisan donuts that are light, fluffy, and packed full of flavour without being cloyingly sweet.

Average Plate: 12 donuts for $25
Must Try: Lemon Meringue Donut

16. Main Deli Steak House – You Gotta Eat Here!


Photo courtesy of Krystle J. on

Main Deli Steak House is a quintessential old school delicatessen serving up all of your favourite deli dishes. Although not as well known world wide, many say Main Deli’s smoked meat sandwich is better than that of Shwartz’s, the verdict has yet to be determined.
Average Plate: $15
Must Try: Smoked Meat Sandwich

17. Schwartz’s – You Gotta Eat Here!


Photo courtesy of ageing accozzaglia at

Open since 1928, Schwartz’s is probably Montreal’s most famous institution, serving up the classic Montreal smoked meat sandwich. Refusing to deviate from tradition, you can choose from medium or fat smoked meat, which is served with some mustard on rye bread.

Average Plate: $10
Must Try: Classic Smoked Meat Sandwich with a dill pickle

Here are some other Montreal Favourites: