We all have those "broke" moments as the end of the month nears where we crave for that delicious pizza but cannot afford to drop a bomb on our wallets. To tackle those moments, here are some of my recommendations to satisfy your craving for delicious food in Patiala for less than Rs.100, because we love cheap thrills.

1) Rolls at Khansama

Craving for a delicious wraps/roll but don't have enough money? This is your go-to place then! Located right outside Columbia Asia, this truck has many other varieties of food, too but rolls are their speciality. My recommendation would be the chicken roll which comprises of tender, juicy chicken and the softness of a Rumali roti.

Cost: Starting Rs 40

2) Goli Vada Pav

Shreya Kanungo

This shop, located near Metro in Bhupindra Road curbs all your craving for spicy food. They cover a whole variety of affordable and delicious vada pavs. My recommendation would be the mix veg vada pav and missal pav.

Cost: Starting Rs.25

3) The thela's outside TU

It would be a shame if this was not included. There is a variety of delicious food to find right outside the campus for cheap. From boiled eggs to bhel puri, from delicious parantha to cheese maggi, they pretty much have it all!

Cost: Starting Rs.10

4) Burgers at YPS market

Oporto Bondi Meal

diongillard on Flickr

If you want to try on amazing burgers in patiala and are tired of the old McD's, this is the right place for you. This place has amazing burger varieties, but my recommendation would be the chicken burger.

Cost: Starting Rs. 60

5) Ambala chaat bhandar

Located in YPS market, this place is famous for it's satrangi gol gappe, which will surely make your taste buds crave for more, because u can never have just one.

Cost: Starting Rs.40

6) Pav bhaji in 22 no. Market

Pav Bhaji

Rishika Palvankar on Flickr

Among the many food places in Patiala, this small shop stands out because of it's must try pav bhaji. Its exact location is opposite to mauji's superstore. Walk in for a cheap and fulfilling Bombay-style pav bhaji, and trust me when I say this, they are generous with their spices.

Cost: Starting Rs.45

7) Wah Ji Wah

Located in 22 no. Phatak market, near Verma Bakery, this place offers a feast of Tikkas, paranthas and butter topped lassi. This is one place that should not be missed! My recommendation would be Afghani tikka and Paneer Tikka.

Cost: Starting Rs.80

8) Verma Bakers

One of the finest bakery in patiala, this place offers a variety of bakery products from biscuits to namkeens to freshly prepared patties, samosa's and other yummy stuff. My recommendation would be Cheese patty.

Cost: starting Rs. 20

9) Street food outside Rajindra Hospital

tea, chocolate, coffee
Shreya Kanungo

 Your college life is incomplete without a trip to this place. From Amazing stuffed paranthas to maggi, to mouth watering tea, also known as "formula" in this place, you get it all.And the best part?! It's open 24x7! 

Cost: Starting Rs.20

10) Street Food in Leela bhavan

Right before entering the road leading up to Subway, there is an amazing food market. The only drawback is that the hawker's come only in the evening. From amazing pasta to madrasi dosa , this place is a haven for the food bingers like me.

Cost: Starting Rs.50

11) Madrasi Dosa at Sheranwala Gate


illustir on Flickr

This place is not to be missed at all. My recommendation would be the butter paneer dosa.

Cost: starting Rs. 70

12) Chane bhature at sheranwala gate

Craving for good food at an odd hour? Then this is the place you should be in. The food here is made doubly enjoyable by shaahi lassi, a specialty in patiala and a staple in every punjabi home.

Cost: Starting Rs.70

With all these places in mind, Now you can enjoy delicious food without burning a hole in your pocket.

Happy eating,foodies!