As a Los Angeles native, I grew up exposed to night markets and the huge food scene the beautiful city has to offer. Luckily for me, the popularity of night markets have grown tremendously and have made their way to Northern California. Foodieland was my first night market in two years, so I was ecstatic to return to a land of food lovers.

First Stop: The Original Baby Bottle

Remi Tateishi

Walking into the market, it was clear that the Big Baby Bottle was the crowd-favorite. Although it was a long line, it was worth the wait. I enjoyed the Peach Strawberry Lemonade, which was extremely refreshing and delicious. I particularly enjoyed that I was able to take the baby bottle home with me. It’s the perfect container for drinks as you enjoy a night-in binge-watching your favorite shows or having a get-together with friends. I warn you that the baby bottle is quite heavy, so a friend might need to help hold it for you just to take a sip of the tasty drink.

#SpoonTip: When you arrive at Foodieland, head immediately to the Baby Bottle Drink station, so you can take advantage of their free refills and stay hydrated throughout the day!

Second Stop: Chick’A-Boo

Remi Tateishi

After enjoying the sweet Peach Strawberry Lemonade, Chick’ A Boo was the perfect salty snack to balance my palate. A few years ago, chicken fried skins made their debut at 626 Night Market in Orange County, and I was extremely disappointed that I could not visit the vendor. Luckily for me, Chick A’ Boo was present at FoodieLand. Chick’ A-Boo serves only one item: fried chicken skins. The salty snack reminded me of one of my favorite childhood foods: chicharrones. Chicharrones is a fried pork rind or pork belly dish that is common throughout Latin America and Mexico. Chick A’ Boo serves savory fried chicken skin instead of fried pork skins. The dish was seasoned with barbecue, sour cream onion, cajun, and house special seasoning. It may sound a little peculiar, but trust me – it’s the snack that you never knew you needed.

With a satisfied belly, I needed a small break from eating. While walking around the retail vendors of Foodieland, I enjoyed the live music of talented musicians. One of my favorite vendors was Davenly Supply–a clothing shop that sells food-inspired merchandise, such as sweaters featuring mochi donuts and boba-themed hats. As I explored handmade candles and soaps, my hunger grew again. 

Last Stop: Cheese Wheel Pasta

Remi Tateishi

After enjoying a sweet drink and salty appetizer, I was ready for the main course meal at Cheese Wheel Pasta. When I first saw the Cheese Wheel Pasta vendor, it took me back to the time when schools shut down due to the coronavirus. In the midst of quarantine, I spent hours scrolling through TikTok and Instagram, specifically watching cooking videos. There were consistently viral videos of Cheese Wheel Pastas that made millions of people’s mouths water. So when I saw the booth of Cheese Wheel Pasta, I knew that I needed to try it. The process of making this delicious dish involves placing a serving of freshly cooked pasta in a huge partially-hollowed cheese wheel. The heat from the pasta melts the top layer of cheese from the wheel; the combination of starchy pasta water and cheese allows for the creation of a thick cheese sauce. The pasta is thoroughly mixed in the sauce, resulting in a creamy and rich dish. For the cheese lovers, this is the perfect meal for you.

Remi Tateishi

#SpoonTip: Foodieland is right next to the Berkeley Marina, so make sure to bring a jacket! It gets really windy and cold at night.