Food trucks are definitely worth the hype. What's better than a cheap, quick, and satisfying meal? There are tons of iconic food carts in and around UW-Madison's campus that are perfect for your next food adventure. 

1. Banzo

The Banzo food cart serves popular Mediterranean dishes from the restaurant. The dishes are super filling and flavorful. Banzo is home of Madison's Favorite Falafel.

2. Bulgogi Korean Tacos

The Bulgogi Korean Tacos food cart serves up Korean fusion tacos, burritos, and even salads with a choice of three marinated bulgogi-style proteins (steak, chicken or tofu), topped with an Asian-inspired salad. This unique food cart even serves up bulgogi burritos and salads. 

3. Caracas Empanadas

Caracas Empanadas are definitely something you don't want to miss.  The empanadas are crunchy on the outside and filled with warm and flavorful ingredients. You would have to go back numerous times in order to try every combo of meats, cheeses, and veggies they have to offer.

4. Common Pasta

Common Pasta is the perfect place to some carbs after a long chemistry lab or day of studying. It is open for 2 1/2 hours every day and the menu offers a mere three entrees: mac and cheese, ragu, and pesto.

5. Curd Girl 

Everyone knows that Wisconsin is all about cheese curds. Curd Girl is known to be the best when you want a late-night snack.  Although not placed in Library Mall, Curd Girl is conveniently located a block away on State Street.

6. El Grito Taqueria

El Grito Taqueria is an upscale food truck serving everyone's favorite tacos. They use the highest-quality products available in Southern Wisconsin to bring you flavorful and unique tacos for your next Tuesday.

7. Good Food

chicken, shrimp, salad
Isabel Jordan

The title of this food truck is an understatement. Whether it is a salad filled with nuts and cranberries or a pesto- and veggie-infused sandwich, you can never go wrong with Good Food

8. Mad City Fry Guy

Mad City Fry Guy is located on Dayton Street. They do not have an extensive menu; your options are hot dogs, brats, fries and a boat-load of toppings. They even have poutine for those of you who are considering moving to Canada

9. Melted 

If you walk around the Capitol Square in Downtown Madison, Wisconsin, you'll come upon MELTED Craft Grilled Cheese. Now you're golden, because you've found the perfect grilled cheese sandwich. 

10. Natural Juice

Sarah Arora

Natural Juice has juices and massive spring rolls. The spring rolls are perfect for lunch are stuffed with sprouts, avocado, veggies, meat/tofu if you choose, and mild, medium, or spicy sauce. Stop by to get your healthy fix for the day.

11. The Pickle Jar

The Pickle Jar serves iconic Wisconsin BBQ dishes. They use all natural meats, fresh produce and all of our pickles, sauce, pies and cakes are made in house. Their popular dishes include beer brats, pulled pork, and pies. 

12. Pots-N-Tots

Pots-N-Tots is known for their extra-crispy tater tots that come in all sorts of varieties including cajun, taco, and parmesan garlic tots. They also have popular sandwiches including pulled pork and beef pot roast. 

13. SoHo Gourmet Cuisines

SoHo is known for their dumplings, peanut salad, and calamari. The restaurant is located in  Fitchburg, but the truck is usually in front of Starbucks on Capitol Square for lunch.

14. Toast

Toast is the perfect place to grab a quick, fresh and filling sammie before your next class. The panini are warm, toasty, and completely customizable

15. Umami Hot & Steamy Buns

Umami Ramen & Dumpling Bar has a food cart that serves many of the restaurants favorites. Their hot and steamy pork buns are perfect for those random cold days in the middle of spring. 

If you're sick of dining hall food or just need an adventure, try something new and support our local food carts.