After three months of studying abroad in Florence, Italy, I was convinced I had tried or heard of nearly every famous gelateria, restaurant, coffee shop etc. in the city center. Flashback to a few weeks ago, my mind was blown when I stumbled upon the establishment that is, Fol Popcorn. I felt like a kid in a candy store, or popcorn store rather, the second I walked in. My eyes grew and my nostrils took in the many different aromas of flavored popcorn. Here's why Fol is my favorite foodie find for a delicious snack in Florence, Italy. 


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Molly Delmore

Fol offers much more than your basic buttered popcorn. With options like white chocolate, dark chocolate, caramel, spicy, potato, pistachio and much more you can't go wrong. My personal favorite: Margherita Pizza. When in Italy, right? 


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Molly Delmore

If the variety of flavor offerings overwhelm you don't fret. The salesman was super friendly and accommodating allowing us to try almost every flavor before purchasing. They even offer a smaller 2 euro cone to take to-go instead of purchasing one of the larger bags. I know I'll be stashing one of the larger bags in my carry-on back to America. 

#SpoonTip: You can mix multiple flavors in one bag. 


coffee, cake, tea, beer
Molly Delmore

If you're lucky enough to live or study in Turin, Barcelona, Madrid or Rome, then you can have Fol delivered right to your doorstep. Services like Justeat, Deliveroo, and Moovenda will pick up your favorite flavor of Fol gourmet popcorn and bring it straight to your house.

Party Time

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Molly Delmore

Want Fol to help you celebrate your next special gathering? Fol gourmet popcorn will cater your event with their specialty popcorn cart. With locations in Turin, Florence, Rome, Madrid, Porto, Limassol and Mexico City, enjoying their popcorn abroad is easy and delicious. Can they open a store in the states please? 

Nothing beats finding a hidden gem in the maze of restaurants and bars around the world. Tag me, @mindovermolly, in your favorite foodie finds along the way. Buon appetito!