Junior-15? As I'm starting my second semester of this school year, I have realized that I haven't been working out as much. Not only does working out make me feel healthier, but it also makes me feel happier and more carefree. With stressful exams and library all-nighters on the horizon, it's about time to get in shape before Cabo comes around. Personally, treadmills and lifting weights aren't my favorite ways to work out. If you're wanting to try something a little more fun and a little less torture, you came to the right place. So sit down, grab a pen, and read on to find out some workout classes that are on my personal bucket list! It is time to check out five unique workout classes in Los Angeles. 

1. Cirque School

For those who just watched 'The Greatest Showman', this workout class revisits some of that acrobatic magic. Cirque School is not for the faint of heart. Offering contortion and aerial hooping classes, this studio focuses on connecting the mind and body. With a positive, non-competitive atmosphere, this should be an experience everyone should try. Open to all individuals over the age of 14, this promises a class to remember. 

2. YogAqua

If the thought of doing 'sun salutation' on a lake doesn't entice you, I don't know what else will. YogAqua is an outdoor yoga school that offers 90-minute sessions on a paddleboard. Located in the Marina Del Rey, the school is notorious for their friendly staff and welcoming atmosphere. Beginners and experienced yogis enjoy a paddleboarding session complemented with vinyasa yoga. While this is one of the pricier classes, the nice blue water and calming experience will make it worth your while. 

3. AIR Fit

This is for those who want to take a literal leap of faith. Air Fit is a workout studio that incorporates ballet and pilates on aerial hammocks. From classes that specialize in toning abs, to breathing sessions, there is definitely something for everyone here. While aerial classes are known to be one of the most strenuous, strength and persistence will pay off in the end. Prepare to be graceful and flexible with these elegant, colorful silks. 

4. Crunch Gym

For those who are into dancing and music, this might be the workout class for you! Pound Workout, offered at Crunch Gym, is a cardio training workout class fused with fast-paced drumming. Created by two women who wanted to incorporate their love for music with a workout, this is sure to get your body pumping in a matter of minutes. As the gym offers 'Pound' classes in multiple locations at an affordable monthly price, this should be on the top of your list. 

5. Sandbox Fitness 

Sandy toes, anyone? For those who want a nice trip to the beach, this is the perfect exercise class for you! Sandbox Fitness is a unique workout studio that offers a variety of unique classes in an indoor sand-filled room. It's most notorious class is called 'Surfset', which is a workout class mimicking the physical demands of surfing in the ocean. By balancing on the board and toning your muscles, every visit will leave you drenched in sweat. You'll be dying to jump into the ocean! A single class is about $22 dollars, but there are package deals that make the classes more affordable. 

So what are you waiting for? It's time to hit the sand, silk, whichever class you like, and burn some calories! Don't start 'tomorrow' or 'next week'...start today.