My lack of social life permitted me to spend a week eating my way through Miami’s tacos, finding hidden treasures in each section of the city. Somehow, I narrowed it down to the best five restaurants in five different Miami neighborhoods.

From date nights to drunk nights, these taco joints are all a must.

1. Huahua’s Taqueria – Miami Beach


Photo by Emily McManus

This little taqueria is worth the traffic-filled, near-death experience drive from campus to South Beach. Usually I try to stay away from the tourist traps on Lincoln Road, but this place is the real deal.

Foodies come from all over Miami to try their fried chicken and fried avocado taco. Just when I thought avocado couldn’t get better…they deep fry it.

2. Coyo Taco – Wynwood


Photo courtesy of Coyo Taco

In the heart of the hipster hub of Miami, Coyo provides irresistible street tacos with a trendy, instagrammable atmosphere, attracting basic white girls from all over the city. The shrimp tacos and their homemade tortillas are a work of art.

3. Wapo Taco – Coral Gables


Photo courtesy of Wapo Taco

Recently new to the Coral Gables area, Wapo Taco is a great takeout spot for UM students as well as a fun place to go with friends. And guess what? We can actually afford it too.

Their famous charcoal grilled steak tacos are so pretty, I’d be fine just admiring their beauty all night instead of eating them.

Good joke, right?

4. La Lupita – Brickell


Photo courtesy of The Silver Plate

Apparently, this urban neighborhood has more to offer than just hot, young professionals and Blackbird. La Lupita doubles as a great casual dinner spot and the ultimate place to satisfy your late night cravings.

Along with their classic carne taco, La Lupita is known for their giant burritos that could keep you full for a week (yes, I know a burrito isn’t a taco but its still freaking DELICIOUS).

5. El Taquito “Grove Tacos” – Coconut Grove


Photo courtesy of El Taquito

Surprised? Absolutely not. The title of this article is “Most Important” and what is more important then drunkenly eating Grove Tacos? I had a hard time locating it, partly because I’ve never seen The Grove in the daytime, and partly because I really did think it was just called “Grove Tacos”.

However, I can finally answer the universal question every Miami student has been wondering. Yes, these tacos are just as good sober as they are after drunk Tavern outing.