As the winter season continues to rage on, our lower inhibitions on ordering in are increasingly apparent, particularly on our credit card bills. Nonetheless, it’s an easy choice to make, especially when temperatures have dropped again, and the local delivery options in Georgetown are ever more original and appealing. Here are some of the best options for ordering in on days when it’s just too cold to head out.

Wisey’s (on Wisconsin Ave)

DSC_0749 (1)

Photo by Scott Harrington

With sandwiches, omelettes, breakfast sandwiches and fresh salads, this place is one of the healthier options out there. It also delivers quickly, perfect for a late morning purchase while still laying in bed complaining about the cold. Best of all, with options from $5-7, it won’t break the bank.
Phone: (202) 333-4122

Mai Thai


Photo by Scott Harrington

If it’s icy outside but you’re still craving a uniquely Thai dining experience, Mai Thai is your answer. Order in from this Thai Asian fusion gem with tons of options. Try the Chicken Pad See Eew or hot fried rice. And don’t forget your spring roll appetizer–we promise you won’t regret it.
Phone: (202) 337-2424


Chipotle Burrito Bowl

Courtesy of Mr. TinDC

As a new addition to GrubHub, getting Chipotle has never been easier. You can customize your burrito or bowl exactly how you like it and get it delivered anywhere on campus for a small delivery fee. And on nights when the temperature dips into the single digits, we think it’s worth it to get your favorite burrito delivered straight to your door.

Quick Pita

Gyro Sandwich

Courtesy of Dog Named Duke

Often overlooked, this local Mediterranean spot is right around the corner and delivers late into the night. You could go with the classic beef gyro or change it up and try a delicious Shish Ta’Wook Sandwich. We recommend adding Vimto to your order, a fruit-flavored soda drink you might never have heard of, but it goes perfectly with any Tzatziki covered meat dish.
Phone: (202) 338-7482



Courtesy of rob_rob2011

Domino’s has become a Georgetown order-in staple, and it’s hard to say no to a hot pizza pie on a cold winter night. If you want to change it up, try it pan-style or thin crust.
Phone: (202) 342-0100