If you know me at all, you know I’m no stranger to the oat milk latte. A recent almond to oat milk convert, I’ve set out to find the best oat milk latte in Atlanta. After covering Decatur, Midtown, and Buckhead, I’ve encountered some of the best latte establishments in the area and ultimately declared my favorite. Here are my carefully-crafted picks for the best coffee shops -  with oat milk lattes! - in Atlanta. 

Cold Brew Bar

Annie Kaser

With cold brew on tap, a modern, diet-inclusive food menu, and enough unique coffee and tea options to satisfy even the most particular coffee drinkers, Cold Brew Bar is a hipster haven. In addition to the expansive menu, Cold Brew Bar has a cool, almost minimalist interior that screams trendy coffee shop and a welcoming place to study or work (post-COVID, of course). As for my particular subject of interest, the oat milk latte exceeded my expectations. I ordered the nitro oat milk latte as well as the nitro matcha latte and was pleasantly surprised by the mild sweetness and creamy layer of foam of both. For this and the aforementioned reasons, Cold Brew Bar makes the top of my list. 

BRASH Coffee Roasters

BRASH Coffee is a little more simplistic and back to basics, with a much smaller coffee menu and venue. However, BRASH is a classic example of quality over quantity. The few items on the menu are done well, granting it a spot in my top Atlanta coffee shops. I’ve tried BRASH’s black iced coffee, cappuccinos, and several latte variations, and all have met or exceeded my expectations. The standout on the menu is, of course, the oat milk latte- specifically with vanilla. Creamy and subtly sweet, BRASH's latte is the perfect morning pick-me-up. 

Spiller Park Coffee

Annie Kaser

Saving the best for last, Spiller Park is the coffee shop I see in my dreams...literally. In all seriousness, I crave a Spiller latte as soon as I open my eyes in the morning. Because of COVID-19, Spiller Park only has outdoor seating, taking outdoor orders through a stylish garage door. However, the lack of seating certainly does not deter me from visiting on a near daily basis. For what Spiller Park is currently lacking in atmosphere, it certainly makes up for in taste- specifically, with their iced oat milk lattes. I’ve had the vanilla and caramel variations (with a strong preference for caramel) and neither have ever disappointed. The first sip brings instant happiness-as does every sip that follows. Both lattes have a delicious sweetness that is far from the artificial taste of many traditional lattes. So smooth, the whole drink seemingly goes down in seconds. 

After exploring several different Atlanta coffee shops, I can unofficially declare the Spiller Park oat milk latte as the best latte in Atlanta. I had the pleasure of exploring several establishments, but Spiller Park is a clear stand out. Though there are several coffee shops I have yet to visit that could potentially take the lead, I will continue to show loyalty (and, unfortunately, damage my bank account with the additional oat milk fee) to Spiller Park Coffee.