Everyone knows some of the popular food places around campus: Sweetgreen, Lyns, Hip City Vedge, Metro…you get it. Most people, however, are unaware of a few hidden gems in their menus, and students are most certainly not aware of other not as popular but just as great places that they probably walk by every day.

Metropolitan Bakery

Photo by Morgan McKeever

Metro is a probably a frequent lunch or brunch spot for most of you. It’s perfect for its egg sandwiches, three cheese grilled cheese, house salads, and fresh baked lemon squares, but people don’t necessarily know that Metro makes great seasonal drinks. The London Fog, a tea latte, is particularly special. Prepared with steamed milk and an earl grey tea, it is the perfect comfort drink for a cold and rainy day. The lavender-lemon spritzer is always a go-to when you need a refreshing drink. It’s fizziness and lemon flavor are perfect to cool down in the hot weather.

Enjay’s Pizza

Photo by Michelle Ra

Smokey Joes has the most underrated pizza on campus. The pizza has a perfectly crunchy, thin crust and is paired with great cheese and topping combos. In addition to its set options, Enjay’s allows you to customize your pie. Along with their pizza, their “Enjay’s Fries” are a necessity. So pair a slice with a blue long island, and you will have a great night ahead of you.

Allegro Pizza & Grill

Photo by Michelle Ra

Moving to a more well-known and well-used pizza destination, Allegro has some menu items that not many people know of. Their chicken and eggplant parms are a great deal: they cost only $10 and come with a side salad or soup, garlic bread, and a pasta base. Allegro’s fries, which are crunchy but still have a solid potato filling, are also hidden gems.

Chez Yasmine

Photo by Ally Schenker

The lines at Chez Yasmine never rival those of Lyn’s or Magic Carpet (maybe thats a good thing?), but the food definitely competes with those Penn staples. If you’re extremely hungry, the Chicken Wistar is a must: the brie, chicken, avocado, and vegetable mix inside a toasted baguette always hits the spot. Otherwise, the quinoa salads are perfect lighter (and healthier) choices – I particularly enjoy the chicken option (and not only because it is named The Ally Schenker).

Before ordering your go-to, try to take another look at the menu and listen to Doctor Seuss: “You’ll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut.”